[Method] Would This Work? Hydroxyzine and Alcohol


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May 15, 2019
Hi, planning on carrying out my plan on May 27. I've decided overdosing is my best shot, I have 16 doses of 25 mg Hydroxyzine and I plan on downing it with brandy and hard cider since mixing hydroxyzine and alcohol can be fatal. I know that with overdosing you need to take an antiemetic, so I plan on taking 8mg Ondansetron.
Would this work? If the 16 doses of hydroxyzine isn't enough I can get 30 more making it 46 doses.
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May 9, 2019
No. I ODed on 58 hydroxyzine while drinking. I was later told I was lucky to not get brain damage. Hydroxyzine is a prescription allergy pill used for anxiety and sleep often but it won't kill someone. I slept and felt horrible for about a week.
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