[Games] Word / or other puzzles, share your favourites (Apps or online)

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Apr 26, 2020
Hello forum friends, while we have tried to stay sane under lockdown (For me its been over two years due to other problem) I have tried to keep my mind occupied. Not easy, but as I use an iPad which has decent size screen I thought the odd word puzzle/ pipes puzzle / rotate puzzle and other to keep me occupied and hopefully encourage my positive thinking back again, might help.

I used to love a really old word puzzle which i have on an old phone “spell collapse” and as I haven’t deleted it I can still enjoy this (now gone) game, but the one I want to share today is called BEFUDDLED by Inert Soap developers and here’s a link of search results; (it costs 1.99 and is very relaxing, no timer, quite absorbing)

Share your favourites?

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