What's your main reason for wanting to CTB?

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Mar 21, 2019
For me, it's just the level of chaos in my life and lost opportunities since I had a psychotic episode. I've had a fairly low mood for as long as I can remember, but don't see any way of climbing out of the metaphorical hole I'm currently in. What about you?


No use to know one
Feb 15, 2019
Well i fuck up my life just sat back and wasted my life. All i have now it no job lots the best friend I ever had . O and back living with my folks at thr agr of 45. All i see now ahead of me is pain from crippling arthritis and liver and kidney problems from the pain pills. So all i see a head of me now is pain and darkness and i know one really cares not even my folks. Dont blame them for them not caring bin a dissappointed to them most of my life . So thats me in a nutshell LOL want a joke i am HAHA


Mar 4, 2019
Threat of homelessness, having everything I've ever worked for getting sucked down into the toilet due to a previous relationship gone horribly wrong, being trans with fierce dysphoria and never being able to be my true self without being discriminated heavily against, unemployment, major depression, tired of having my dreams repeatedly crushed, tired of being a lie, and just tired of all the bad in this world.
Final Escape

Final Escape

Getting closer to my end
Jul 8, 2018
I had too many abortions and it left me scarred psychologically. I’m haunted by the shame, guilt, regrets. There’s other issues besides this but this one seems to bother me the most. I feel like because of my difficulties in forming healthy relationships due to my childhood partly set me up for disaster. It’s possible that being on adderall caused problems as well with increased impulsivity, self destructive behaviors are worse on the drug.