What's the worst anti-suicide advice you've ever seen or heard?

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"i hope the leaving is joyful, & never to return"
May 30, 2019
"If you feel suicidal, there are people whose job is to help you. All you have to do is ask."

"If you are having thoughts of suicide, please call the Veteran's Crisis Line."

"If you kill yourself instead of marry me, then what the fuck have I been wasting all my money on!?"
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"i hope the leaving is joyful, & never to return"
May 30, 2019
Hey, that's at least somewhat reasonable. It helps the person asking assess their current situation. The rest of this shit is beyond stupid... It literally helps no one.
Yes, he was always very practical, except for loving me. Wasn't real love though, just control.


May 22, 2019
I have been looking through for a comment like this, I have been told its selfish as Its not thinking of those left behind!!! OK Cool Ill just sit here in life in eternal hell to keep you guys happy, because you know your happiness is more important then mine

Sadness about death only lasts about a week anyway. Misery lasts for years.

When both my grandma and my cousin died, people were sad at the funeral, but they got over it.

It’s basically asking that you go through decades of suffering just to spare people a week of grief.
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Coração Vagabundo
Oct 8, 2018
Новая Земля
I hate when people claim it's cowardly to do so. This is absolute nonsense as you have go right against your natural instincts to do so of self preservation. Nor are they even consistent on this issue.

We see constant examples of people taking their own lives that aren't viewed this way. The old jumping on a grenade to save others for example. This actually does happen. In some cases the person who makes that sacrifice actually had a opportunity to possibly save themselves. But they made the conscious choice to take their own life and no one calls them cowards for it. Why? Because it's seen as brave to choose to die many if not most seem incapable of choosing to die under any circumstance. Now, granted that is heroic and most actions of someone taking their own life will greatly fall short of heroism. But no matter the reason on why someone took their own life they have to get over that same exact fear and instinct that the person who landed willing on that grenade did. Therefore it cannot be a act of cowardice and if it were being a coward is easy and suicide should be much more common.

I'll give further evidence on this by using this very forum. Go ahead and look at the discussion of methods here. Now, obviously there are methods that pretty much all of us could do right now. We could easily set ourselves on fire as certainly almost everyone of us has access to creating a fire. But most of us sure the heck aren't brave enough to do that. (I'm not) and would elect to take a much easier way out as do seemingly most of us here. This shows that suicide is if anything linked to bravery and that bravery is more of a scale. But suicide is most certainly on the brave end of the scale.

Then of course there is the idiotic fact that the person who is trying to convince the other person to not take their life is taking their time talking down to and belittling the suicidal person. How dense do these people need to be to think that this approach is somehow going to do anything more than hurting the person who wants to die. It just creates the complete opposite effect.

I guarantee you if we took a group of actively suicidal people and non-suicidal people and trained both groups in bomb defusal. You'd find the suicidal group having more volunteers when it comes to handling live bombs. If no one knew we were suicidal while attempting to defuse it we'd be considered brave and even heroic to be willing to die. Yet somehow we are cowards if they simply knew.

This topic drives me insane because it's a clear attempt to demonize suicidal people. Because they either can't admit that it isn't a cowardly choice or maybe it's a ego thing and they can't admit that they aren't brave enough to make that choice ever for themselves. So they reverse the roles and somehow you, the person who is willing to self terminate for whatever reason is somehow the coward and they are somehow brave.
Of course the group always belittles outsiders, it's hardwired. It's anthropologically healthy group behavior.
No surprise there, though you can see indoctrinative peer group pressure over centuries driving the effect into its opposite, where temporarily, outsider groups are seen as heroes for a long enough period to turn the erstwhile insiders into outsiders... we see such an effect happening now, but nothing changes, just that on overdog group is being turned into underdogs. Human mass psychology is incapable of anything else, and that has evolutionary reasons - true egalitarianism would be lethal to the species. You will probably not be able to folow this argumentation, but it's rather a tangential to this thread anyway.
The dumbest lie ever (and that belongs in another thread) is to assume that humans will ever be able to remain neutral to mass psychosis...

I don't consider it brave when people burn themselves, there is too string an element of irrationality in this... these are usually people who need to prove a point rather than just want to die, they desire to make a statement to society. That's a big difference.
I'm not even sure if I would jump on a grenade (most likely I would jump for cover) - that doesn't necessarily make lots of sense and is NOT a rational decision.
People who are not afraid, or act out of impulses, are not brave in my book - though they may well be subconsciously suicidal.
I've always done what needed be done - though often with great reluctance - I consider exactly that adequately and sanely brave, I'm a rational person within human limits and I'm proud of it because it's the only sensible way to be - I'm sure any healthy animal would agree this if could take part in this conversation ;)

Humans are humans and it's useless to expect unusual reactions from them.
So, don't. Saves you lotsa disappointments.
May even save you from getting suicidal feelings - and that's the only anti-suicidal argument I'm going to use at this point ;)


Sack of Meat
Sep 3, 2018
"Your parents have sacrificed a lot to get you here. Be a good son and don't give them unnecessary tension."
- My last hostel warden​

Seriously, anyone who is satisfied with saying the clause 'don't give them unnecessary tension' needs to reevaluate their understanding of the English language. Butchering the language like that needs to be criminalized.


Memento Mori, Bitches <3
Jul 10, 2019
  • “It will make your family sad”/“Your family will miss you!!”
    • Like I care.​
  • “It gets better”
    • Like hell it does.!
  • “You have so much potential... don’t waste it”
    • If I did, I would’ve gotten a bloody scholarship.​
  • “Suicide doesn’t take the burden away, it just adds more”
    • Okay... so why did the Japanese elders do it so often so many decades/centuries ago?​
    • TO TAKE AWAY THE BLOODY BURDEN OFF THEIR ALREADY-STARVING FAMILIES. If their family was struggling, they’d kill themselves to help their families have one less mouth to feed/ one less person to tend to. It was a noble deed.​
  • “I love you. Don’t leave me like this”
    • Liar.​


May 22, 2019
I really don't care if my siblings are upset when I die. (My parents have both died in the past year.)


Aug 12, 2019
"How nice must it be to have a comfort zone. And if your comfort isn't good enough, how is leaving supposed to help?"

How are we supposed to regret anything when the brain, the thing that allow us to fell regret, isn't working anymore?


Mar 28, 2019
Arizona, US
Check out this post i made a while back its got some stupid stuff on it


Oblivion Lover

No life, no suffering
May 30, 2019
Not really an advice but more of guilt tripping by mom™, on the following day I tried to kill myself:
"Why do you do this for ME?" "Do you want to destroy ME?!" "Don't you know how I would feel if you died?"
A few days later, she tried to do something similar when I talked about rational suicide with her (meh, I don't even know why I bother to), but in a lighter tone:
"I just know that I would feel very sad if you die"


Aug 14, 2019
You guys remind me of a poem I can't really share anywhere else, the format might look a bit odd because it's taken off a notepad on one of my devices:

It always gets better, you say to the very letter
Comparing scenarios where the sufferer gets better
A permanent solution to a temporary problem, I hear far too often
Assuming my problems won't join me in my coffin
Your friends and family will be devastated, I hear a lot too
They'd be selfish to keep me here, and so are you
You think you're helping, but you're helping me load the gun
Your guilt tripping makes you an accomplice, now, isn't that fun?​

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