What were your experiences with suicide hotlines like?

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I just want peace
Sep 6, 2019
I’ve tried calling them before, but they didn’t pick up.
I’ve heard some stories of my friends who called them as well and the people on the phone sent the police over to their homes.
Is that what usually happens?
I thought it’s there for people to be honest about their feelings and stuff, so why would they misuse their trust?

Swedish Equality

Feb 12, 2020
Humans are not trustworthy :(
Once I had a chat with "anonymous volunteer hotline" , they had they phone number busy. I just explained them what kind of problems usually my social group experience , cuz they had no idea about it , and that's all... They had nothing to say , just "you can call us if you need to speak to someone".
If it's something official they also can call a police, nothing helpful.


Feb 10, 2020
Strange, They picked up both my calls twice. I didn't discuss suicide though. I was just upset and angry for something that is personal so i just needed someone to talk to and it was nice to have someone to hear me. I was so upset i didn't even care whether they record my voice or not.


Just a girl trapped in a psychological prison
Feb 13, 2020
‘And how does that make you feel’ sums it up quite well! I mean, I appreciate they are trying to help people but I personally found it useless. When I get in a state to the point I ever called them, I was past the point of conversation and I found they just annoyed me. Nowadays my minds made up so wouldn’t feel the need to call them again, but I do hope they manage to help people who can be and want to be helped :)


Veni Vidi Velcro
Feb 11, 2020
I tried the Samaritans once many many years ago, the guy just listened to me, they are not allowed to give advice. I found it kind of useless the only thing I got from it was that my life was shit at the time but at least it wasn't as bad as sitting on a phone line not helping anyone.
I would say there is far more support here than you will ever get on a helpline. Unless you have a dedicated worker you can call.
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Broken Chimera

Broken Chimera

Waiting For The End
May 27, 2019
If you say the wrong thing, you'll get a call or visit from the police. A waste of time in the states.
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L'appel du Vide
Jun 27, 2019
Not so great. I just answered a similar question the other day, so I'm going to be lazy and link to that.