[Discussion] What is the best pleasure you've experienced in your life?

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Feb 5, 2020
The best moment of my life -
Grade 7, annual trip, waking up early around 4 am, going out to the yard drinking mint tea and watching the sunrise, it was just me and God and was so happy and peaceful knowing everything would be fine, I sang this song and I was just happy
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Sep 30, 2019
In high school a class of mine went on a field trip to a country in South America. The girl I was head over heals for went on the trip too and up till that point we had been flirting with each other the entire school year. Even though I was only 16 at the time, I had legitimate feelings for this girl that extended beyond wanting to have sex with her. She was my first love.

We went to many different places during that trip, however one stop we made is particularly memorable. We stopped at some place that was like a town in the middle of a rainforest. The small town had a lot of little shops, nice friendly people everywhere, and we were surrounded by a beautiful environment in the rainforest. I can’t describe it but I just loved the vibe of the place, it had such a relaxed/innocent/good wholesome vibe to it. Also the rainforest, the animals, it was so beautiful to me.

We stayed at this hotel/resort that was essentially outside (each “room“ wasn’t a room but sort of a mini house, the hotel was just a network of these mini houses close to each other in a rainforest) and we each got our own rooms paired with a partner. I don’t remember exactly but I do remember we weren’t at this place long (i wish we had since it was my favorite place in the whole trip) only 1 or 2 nights.

We weren’t supposed to leave our rooms at night but one of the nights I did (the kid I roomed with was cool and never told on me for leaving) to go see if the girl I liked would hang out with me outside. I went to her room and she was reluctant cause she didn’t want to get into trouble so at first we decided to hang out on the hammock together alone that was next to her room outside. We laid on the hammock together outside, in a rainforest, the night sky was clear and the beauty of the universe was beholden for us to see.

This is where we shared our first kiss together followed by a long make out session. After this we decided to live in the moment and we went to the town together in the middle of the night. We held hands the entire time, laughed a lot, had a ton of fun running around the town and finding places where we could be alone to make out again. This lasted for almost the whole night but eventually we snuck back into our separate rooms early in the morning.

I bought her a bracelet at one of the shops, and 2 years after this trip when I saw her at a party she was still wearing it (too bad I was too dense at the time to realize that she probably still had feelings for me) so I know that night was special to her as well.

Now that I look back at this story as an adult I realize how crazy and dangerous this was. Two teens running around in a town in the middle of the night surrounded by forest in a poor foreign country without adult supervision. But the pure spontaneity of everything that happened that night combined with the beautiful scenery, first time I kissed her, the excitement of being somewhere foreign and adventuring with someone you have feelings for, it was such a wonderful and heartfelt experience that I’m glad I did this very stupid thing as a teen.
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Apr 4, 2020
When I was 17, I fell in love for the first time. The guy fell for me first, and he tried and conquered me. We didn't last long, but it seemed like I was living in slow motion. I was head over heels. I even remember when I started to like him back, I stared at my room's wall for an entire afternoon while listening to Tina Turner. Every touch, every word, every laugh, everything, was so surreal and so so good. But then he cheated on me during winter break and it passed. Looking back now, I was really stupid. But it felt so good. Those goddamn chemicals love produces in your brain are the one to blame tho.


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Nov 3, 2019
Probably the first time I stepped into the Grand Place in Brussels. It was my first time seeing anything like that and I was overcome with happiness. And so began my love for travelling.


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Nov 5, 2019
The day of my high school senior prom. That was during the first year I came to the US, so full of new experience and culture shock. I was like a caged bird set free.

At that time, my ex bf was a senior and I was a junior. We were best friends but hadn't started dating back then.

I got my nails painted and hair done with my girlfriends in the morning, went to pre-prom parties in the afternoon, got drunk, tried marijuana for the first time in my life. The prom was super fun and the music was awesome. After the prom, ex bf and I went start gazing in the woods, turned car radio to max volume blasting Cold Play songs in the car, almost ran over a raccoon.


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Apr 13, 2020
Those times with my friends hanging out after a long day and just sitting around chilling.

The time I asked them out and they said yes.


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Apr 18, 2020
Feeling and being loved at the same time by my ex.

Falling in love with my son. I didn’t bond with him right away but the moment I realised I loved him and Id do anything for him. That was special.

Being on holiday sat at the cliff tops watching the sun go down. I felt genuine contentment.


Apr 21, 2020
The one that comes to mind for me was during a trip with family. We had been hiking all day and it was a beautiful day out. I felt very lucid during the hike and was enjoying a day where I wasnt fighting my own mind. I could just enjoy the outdoors and lovely weather and think about all the plants and critters as I hiked. Eventually I started getting hot and tired from it all, just tired like any long hike will make you. I pushed through and made it to a waterfall that was supplied by thawing snow. It had a small shoreline that let you walk up to it and basically enter the waterfall as much as you felt comfortable. You could've gotten pummeled to death by the falling water if you wanted.

That feeling when the mist of it was covering my entire body is maybe the most pleasurable moment I can think of. I was hot, tired, worn out, aching all over. And when that cool feeling just touched all of my skin and soothed me, I couldnt help but let out a big shit-eating grin. I don't think I had ever just smiled so hard by reflex like that. I couldn't stop smiling and just stood there in the mist for 10 minutes or so. Eventually my family caught up, stuck their hand in the mist, then was ready to go in seconds. I feel like I might've been the only one to appreciate that silent secret of true happiness hidden away in plain sight right there. Only downside was hiking all the way back absolutely soaked :)


Dec 28, 2019
Most intense pure pleasure feeling was climaxing after having a sex lasting hours while high on mdma but obviously this was pretty brief. Most longer lasting enjoyable time was during the honeymoon period taking mdma (when the "magic" is still present), that feeling of "coming up" not long after taking it, it's like waves or rushes of euphoria throughout your body. Experiencing this with a friend present and music was fantastic.

Then after the rush passed I became happy and content with everything, honest with myself and able to communicate without any barriers. Speaking to friends and getting to know strangers (including attractive females which would normally make me anxious) during this state is just something else. Best non drugs feelings have again been sex and the rush from driving like a maniac (yes silly, I was young).
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Nov 8, 2018
Quite some time ago sabaton came to do a concert in Israel. Moshing with a guy literally twice your size is cool. Fighting tooth and nail the same guy later on for a signed CD by joakim himself was... Exciting.


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Oct 26, 2019
Rolling on or taking ecstasy in high school. My first time was probably the best. I took 2 blue dolphins. Everything was so smooth. Ecstasy used to be bomb when I was young.

Super-long jerk off sessions on meth is a close 2nd though...
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Green Destiny

Green Destiny

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Nov 17, 2019
It'll probably sound trivial to some but the first time I got to go to see my favorite NHL Hockey team in person, was the biggest rush I had in my very young life. The atmosphere was intense and electric from start to finish, and I even got a Game Puck thanks to my dad. One other time was going to see Lindsey Sterling the violin player live, stood for 2 hours going NUTS as she played her fiddle and danced across the stage.


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Apr 8, 2020
This is sort of fucked up. Trigger warning for self harm.

The best pleasure I remember is when I accidentally cut myself too deep. I got the biggest rush of endorphins. I never felt so good in my life and I've never felt anything like it again. Every other time I cut I just end up gettint more numb. That specific incident though... damn. It felt good.


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Apr 21, 2020
sniffing coke, it was the most welcoming feeling I had in my entire life.