What do you think the best part of being dead will be?

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Jan 1, 2019
I meant multiple of them, but there's several that fuck things up or ruin my relationships by threatening them or just being their usual sociopathic selves and the fact there's nothing anyone can do about it just makes it too exhausting trying to fix shit that isn't your fault all the time.
I'm sorry, that must be utterly draining and exhausting xxx


Jan 19, 2019
It would be pretty cool if it was a dream like existence based on your own desires. Imagine getting to live in the world from your favorite anime or fandom, going to that rock concert that you never got the chance to attend as a kid or visiting a different part of the world such as the Caribbean Islands.

This sounds too good to be true but it would be ideal for post death.


Jul 10, 2018
rainbow road till dawn, I'm inviting every single kind soul who left this sick world on the same evening as I, to have a farewell race.

Am a firm believer on karma, I have lived right and been a martyr for the people around me, to be walked upon my whole life, death does not scare me, the next world can only be better, I can already see myself smiling, running down the apple orchard with friends on an gorgeous early autumn evening, hopefully I have acquired enough karma for the world to have a little bit of magic in it, a world where one can endlessly smile but most of all, dream.


Almost Free
Jan 20, 2019
It's difficult to really say for sure what the best part of death is, considering it is literally the opposite of being, and existence. But what appeals to me about it is how it's completely neutral. There is no more happiness or fulfillment, but also there is no suffering. The latter is what we all envy the most.


I need to die
Jan 20, 2019
Honestly it would be being unable to feel the unbearable emotional pain that comes with being depressed. You can only understand it if you’ve felt it and it’s literally hell.

Death will be like sleeping without dreaming, I’ve been dead before and it is like sleeping without dreaming, it’s wonderful.


Dec 11, 2018
Exactly. Either we won't exist so it won't matter, and if our consciousness continues to exist then we have no freaking clue what we're in for.

Eternal bliss? Eternal damnation? Some weird version of our world but slightly worse? The pain of our death permanently following us into the afterlife? No sort of pain ever again?

Nobody knows. There is no guarantee that death will be peaceful and full of bliss or an empty void of nothingness. We can only hope it will be better than this, but I often fear it may be worse.

Sometimes I think about dreams, where it's purely material made up by our subconscious. Yet we still feel pain, our minds think we are still bound by our physical bodies. Incredibly fucked up shit can happen in dreams, that's really really scary. The only escape is waking up.

What if death is like being stuck in an eternal nightmare where you can't wake up?
Fuuuuuuuuuck that would be the worst. I think about it a lot too. Like what if when we die everything is just 10 times worse. Or what if the classic hell is real. It just makes me incredibly anxious and to then look at life and imagine continuing on it's just a hell of a mess inside my head and it ironically makes me want to kill myself more. But then the cycle repeats til I get tired and just say fuck it. But it starts again in no time. It would be absolutely perfect if it were clear that death meant at the very worst the cessation of your entire existence. But there are too many unanswered and unanswerable questions to determine such a thing. The only way to know is to jump into the darkness. And if nonexistence is what awaits us then we'll never really "know" anyway.


Dec 14, 2018
If there’s an afterlife, haunting for a short time sounds fun. Free admission to concerts, free train rides, free Disneyland access, amusement scaring the shit out of the living and playing pranks on them or just manifesting in general, exploring abandoned buildings, riding freight trains as a hobo ghost, not having to get up to pee... you know all the fun parts of it