[Discussion] Ways to decrease and circumvent Suvival Instinct

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Aug 23, 2019
Damn I can't imagine the emotional discomfort you were in while you were going for it. And the physical discomfort(pain) you endured after. How are you doing now?

It's incredible how a seemingly massive fall can leave a phone unscathed yet a 12 inch drop can render it useless. I have experienced that many times. And funny enough my phone survives falls better without a screen protector than it did with.
I’m up and down really. Think I keep blocking it all back and then reality keeps smacking me in the face. There’s so many emotions going on inside me and I can’t let them out.

Haha yes it is funny isn’t it. At least it still works!
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existence is futile
Jul 10, 2019
F**k Knows
Not stupid at all!! For most modern people our LIFE IS OUR SMARTPHONE. To yoss the cellphone to me would be a sure indication of the end.... The only tragedy here is failure or not being able to follow through after loss of the phone....

I am glad I am not a modern person!!! I don't even own a phone, they are the devil!


Oct 3, 2019
To circumvent survival instinct you must override both survival impulse and the instinct to avoid pain and the unknown.

To overcome survival impulse you must lose all hope of a prosperous life on this planet.

To overcome instinct to avoid pain you must gain comfort in the fact that your method is sufficiently peaceful.

The result is to eliminate both "survival" and "instinct" so you may kill the life successfully. Maybe I'm not explaining well, sorry to confuse some.


Sep 21, 2019
I have been struggling with si it always stopped me but I know I want to ctb.

I have been trying the night night method and believe I am getting closer and closer each time, trying to train my brain in a way step by step.
Each time I take myself to the darkest place I can go in my head and let the emotion out it helps with the impulse which I think lowers the si.


Oct 2, 2019
I sat in my car drinking, thinking and listening to certain music then swallowed the pills. Fucked up by saying goodbye :aw:
This is my fear. I have to keep myself from calling the wife first.


Oct 9, 2019
If it were easier to succeed and there were better options, such as N being easier to get, I feel it would be a lot easier for me. Also, I remind myself how my quality of life is poor. Oblivion will be better than a lifetime of pain. And finally I remind myself how caring about anything after death is such an "alive" thing to do (I do not mean getting various things in place for families peace of mind etc.). I mean I will not care of any grief of my lost life, pain, etc as I will be deceased. It is not so easy but if I keep up this script it will be easier, peaceful, and hopefully even a happy occasion (mentally) I believe, which is what I want. Please make sure that it is the only option left (not dissuading just a reminder).