[Method] Tourniquet method with an actual tourniquet

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Heart of Ice

CTB in early 2020
Sep 26, 2019
This seems like a stupid thing to make a thread about, but I have seen stupider threads recently.

Would these be a good fit for a tourniquet method? Anyone have an idea? Or better yet, if anyone here has any military or paramedic experience, do tell me what these things are like. I've also seen some colourful tourniquets on Ebay, probably for kids.

My main ideas for why this could not be such a good idea are:
  • Not enough pressure, somehow. Probably will have enough pressure, as this is to cut of blood flow in legs and arms.
  • Too much pressure on the windpipe. Probably not an issue, as less pressure is needed for the carotids.
  • These seem too wide, a narrower strap could be more useful for blocking the carotids.
  • The material looks a bit harsh and might be uncomfortable on the skin. It's so wide I don't think it will be problem, though.
Any ideas or comments?
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Sep 25, 2018
United States
we had these in an EMT course i did, they can be difficult to fully tighten but are easy once you get used to them. we would put them high up on our thighs to practice and after a really short amount of time it would stop blood flow greatly.
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