Too tired and depressed to even CTB?

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May 18, 2019
That is actually one of the reason why people with severe depression don't ctb. Because when you are so depressed, you simply just can't do anything.

That's why many antidepressants are known to "cause" suicides. I'm on SSRI's. I was advised to immediately seek help if I my suicidal ideations get worse.
Antidepressants can make you more energetic, and that's why severely depressed people with suicidal ideations finally have the energy to actually kill themselves. Antidepressants don't really change your thoughts so your suicidal ideations can still be there with energy to expand on your negative thoughts.
Letmego. Please

Letmego. Please

Nov 18, 2018
It's well know that as a person with clinical depression begins to recover, i.e cease's being catatonic & regaining some motivation, that looks like recovery but is in fact the most dangerous time as the person still has the same thoughts & now has the energy to act on them.

Some of it is down to the modern anti depressants as @AngelGirl said they are to a depressed person, well me anyway amusingly able to increase suicidal thoughts, though that is usually at it worst in the first 2-4wks & more so for some reason if the person is under 25.
I have been around sadly long enough to predate all modern anti d's, pre Prozac you had the choice of Tricyclic or MAOI's (which were nasty things that you oddly couldn't eat cheese with without serious side effects!!) I have seen my notes from that time & twice they thought i had turned a corner only to find it backfired on all of us. So yes modern Ad's have an effect but it is also a feature of clinical depression sadly.


May 2, 2019
I am not recovering and I am on 7 different meds. I need this pain to end.
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Sick Boy

Sick Boy

Oct 19, 2018
My depression makes me feel exausted all day and the warm hot weather does not help at all
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