The small things in life

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Apr 29, 2020
Ever since I started working from home I’ve been indulging in the little things. I make food I love or I buy food that makes me happy. I’ve gained back the weight that I worked hard to get off for 3 months, but it’s okay. Or so I say. Lol. I will work on it once in able to go outside again.

I got strawberry Nesquick drink mix on my grocery run yesterday because it reminded me of my childhood. I had some today and it made me a bit happy. I just survived a really bad depressive episode and I’m on the neutral/slightly unfocused portion.

What small thing has brought you joy recently?


Apr 9, 2019
One of my most favourite children at the preschool I work in, telling me that he loves me and spending most of the day playing with him ❤
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