[Method] The Gap (Sydney) Australia

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Aug 25, 2018
Not going into anything here, but what type of preparations do I need to consider before jumping? I will not be dressed like my ordinary self. I'm thinking of doing a tourist exploration to further avoid detection.

They now have cameras and inward facing fences but people are still jumping. I'm thinking of doing it (hypothetically) completely sober and lucid to avoid any dubious mistakes. I'm not certain to what cliff I should inspect.

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FYI: I'm not suicidal and this is for educational purposes only.


Angel of Choice
Aug 30, 2018
Thanks for bringing this up, I'm in the US but as far as jumping from heights such as cliffs, bridges, and tall structures, it is another alternative method with still very high success rates, but one must be sure to jump from a sufficient height and landing in a fatal position (head first).


Not 2B
Aug 22, 2018
I've thought about it a lot, but never personally been there. Jumping isn't feasible for me any more, although I'd love to die somewhere like that. Hope I can satisfy your curiosity a bit.

Supposedly it's not too hard to climb the fence. There are articles on the fence, I don't think it's been changed there since, although there was a pledge to increase remote police surveillance that may have gone through. Those places are actually where most people jump, and it's obvious why when you look at a panorama of the walk—they're the tips of the coastline, sheer. So it would be hard not to find the right places. There's a cliff walk along those parts.

There are videos on YT—very beautiful place.

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