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Beautiful Angel

Beautiful Angel

Jul 2, 2020
I don’t even feel like I’m depressed anymore I feel like I’m just numb like I know it’s over and I just go on with my daily task as I wait everyone else around me talks about dreams and putting mein their future plans and I feel so numb i used to get excited every time Someone mentioned anything about having a great future but I’m tired of being let down by people or end up being told that it’s all me because the way I look at it if I’m that bad I can eliminate the problem
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Jun 26, 2020
I know where you are coming from 100%. I was just at a company for 5 days and got fired. Yes 5 days! was totally let down as the people above me were cold, uncaring and money seeking. Then i got home, hopped on here, ss, and felt better knowing that some people are just jerks for thier own benefit. Alot of people, at least in my experiences, have been greedy, self-centered and sled-absorbed. I know it is very ahrd but try not letting jerks like that get to you. Remeber, hop on here to ss and you are instantly connected wit your global family members that love and care for you. I care and love you and only want the very best for you. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!:heart::hug:

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