[Method] SN in capsules via anus insertion

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Sep 30, 2019
South Africa
So i've been thinking. I'm going to put my SN in gelatine capsules. Would it work if I inseted maybe 1- 3 capsules via the anus?
And then swallow the rest? It would get absorbed quicker into the blood stream via the anus. So if I do end up vomitting, the caps inserted via the anus should already be in my bloodstream. The caps i will be using is size 00, it can hold +-700mg.
I cant take meto because of drug interactions.
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Aug 19, 2019
Very small trap
I'd consume enough orally anyway and insert as many capsules as I can as well for good measure, why not?


Sep 2, 2019
Tried to ctb using a salt water enema a while ago and I ended up cutting up my insides because not all of the salt was dissolved, If you are going to put SN in your butt dont put it in while its still a solid
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