SN + Clonazolam

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Jan 13, 2019
So I had 3, I repeat 3 bottles of N, tested for presence of N in the one I received from Domingo. I only used the qualitative test b/c I was so fucked up and distraught that my mind, mind you I graduated from school as an ME engineer that I only tested D's stuff and it was positive. I didn't feel the need with A since he's been around the block and an OG in the CTB game. Anyways, I'm as ready as one can be to go. I'm considering changing routes and going SN. I only have to buy the Tagament. I have Morphine SO3 for any pain but what did me in was the anticipation. I have several anxiety disorders. I can easily get clonazepam but was wondering if it would be better to go with clonazolam since it is like Pam on roids. Any chemists out there know if either the morphine or clonazolam will interfere with the Meto, SN, or Tagament. I may be open to trying the N route again but either way I think I would like a partner as one of the main factors is that I thought of my cousins and Grandma and did not want to die alone. I live in SoCal. Please PM me on the partner, N stuff; anything else would be fine here. Much love.
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In the bleak midwinter ..
Sep 3, 2019
Hi friend, I'm sorry that you have arrived at this cross roads in your life. Might I ask why you are changing routes? N is said to knock you out within a few minutes at best and with antiemetics, your chances of success are even higher. The morphine or clonazepam will hardly be a factor I believe unless you are taking it several hours in advance. With SN, the Clonazepam will probably interact with meto and make you more dizzy/disoriented and with morphine, might counteract effects of meto and make it less effective. I certainly don't wish to see you go at any case but you are clearly in a lot of pain. Sending much love and hugs no matter what you decide.
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