SN and Jumping

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Jun 8, 2019
Sorry if this is a dumb question LOL Thinking about taking SN, could I combine it with jumping off a bridge immediately after so I would not feel the effects of drowning too much if drowsy enough?


Jan 6, 2020
takes 5-20 minutes to make you unconscious apparently, it's very lethal you could take it and just relax somewhere private afterwards


Oct 31, 2019
I was thinking of this too. Jumping is stuck in my mind as my method even though I think SN alone would be far more peaceful (that's my OCD) but I don't know if could actually do it. I was thinking of taking SN and if I can't just jump i would probably faint and fall off anyway.
I think there's actually more risk of survival though. You will be in public taking the SN so could be spotted by someone and if you jump and don't die then you will also be treated for the SN poisoning in the hospital not giving it time to kill you. I think it's a bad idea but my OCD might force me into it.
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L'appel du Vide
Jun 27, 2019
I don't think this is a great plan. First, there's probably some sort of public drinking of the SN involved. Not good.

Second, here's how my imagination has it play out... You drink it, then you have to hang around until you get drowsy enough or pass out. More chance for interference.

Then either the jump kills you, making the SN a waste of time, or you survive the jump and you're in a world of pain... That plus adrenaline could stop you from passing out at the proper time, which means then you're doomed to feel whatever comes next.1 It might take all the peacefulness out of the method.

I think one or the other is best. If you have SN anyway, why even jump?
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Taking it day by day
Jan 11, 2020
This is not a good idea. Once you drink the SN, you will not know how you are going to feel. You will most likely be too disorientated or out of sorts to bother jumping. It is a better idea to just go with the SN alone as that is all you will need to get the job done.
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