[Venting] Slavery issue

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Feb 6, 2020

We put people in prison for being aggressive, for blackmail, for beatings, bullying, violence, rapes and murders. And have you ever wondered that our human behavior is just a picture of the nature of the universe, which is built (also) on these forces? We are looking for guilt in people while the fault lies... In biology itself.

You are FORCED to do many things every day. You wake up and you feel the sucking inside your body that forces you to look for food. Your stomach is bullying you if you don't give it what it wants. It will blackmail you with aggressive contractions, faintings, emotional upsets or it will beat you with the ascites if you do not meet its expectations. So - You MUST eat. When you eat you have no choice but to go and defecate. If you don't do it... hmm ... if not it will beat you with intestinal damage or just force you to finally do it. They say that record breaker in stopping stool is about 58 days, but believe me it did not end unnoticed for him. You don't want to drink? No? He he he ... wait rebel ... sooner you vanish than you don't drink. But before that im gonna punch you with a big pain, ok? You MUST drink! And then you MUST pee !!! You don't want to pee? Uuu ...well... what? a little brawl in the body? Bladder outbreak? Oh there ... why so radical ... the body will just do it without your will. You mmmuuussstt breathe! You do not WANT? Ha ha ha ... guys! Did you hear that kid? He do not WANT ghahahaa. Baby, Im gonna enter you without your wish or not ... you will not free yourself from me so easily you tiny little consciousness ... ohh dont feel raped... silly you, how can you be raped by air you dumbass. That oak you see right there? I heard it moaning with pleasure because of my existences. We had a really nice flow together last night. But it cant create these 'smart words' like you so... well me neither but fuck it for the sake of the story. Where was I? Oh, You must.

slavery - a state in which a single person/being or human/being society does not dispose of itself, but is subject to the compulsion of a higher or foreign will.


Our existence is woven from compulsion, our existence is woven from slavery. I cannot dispose of my physiological processes, so I am their slave. No man or animal has its own physiological processes at its disposal and everyone is subjected to the will of the stomach, intestines, bladder, kidneys, liver, etc. But hey... Stop, isnt that... ME? arent I one with all my internal instruments? Like what the hec is all that... Maybe im gonna hear from that big head that i rape myself and bully myself and murder myself... Well actually all that is also possible. Ehh. EarthMatrix, you bitch.

What saves from rebellion? Maybe believing this all have some meaning, that this slavery is worth the game for sake of... Something.

Thank you SS for being, without You people - everything would be much more unbearable and unintelligable.
We are so lucky to live in this time and have this space where we can talk (almost) freely and (almost) safely about issues never talked like this before.


'Til death tears me apart
Nov 3, 2019
I thought this was going to be about the slavery in the world currently, but I see where you're coming from. Never saw it like that, honestly...don't think I do either, but definitely is something to think about
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