Should I leave a note?

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Jun 11, 2020
So I’m schizophrenic and take medicine for it. A few weeks ago I started tapering off said medicine (with doctor’s consent/advice); however, I have been actively planning my suicide for a few weeks before I started tapering off. I am considering writing a note to explain that my death wasn’t the senseless result of a medicine adjustment but rather a carefully planned decision. However, I’m schizophrenic anyway, and my mom basically treats me as though I’m just a deranged ghost in the body of her former child, so I feel like she’s just going to blame it on my mental illness, if not necessarily the medication adjustment.
If you were in my mom’s situation, what kind of note would you prefer to find? How could I possibly express my autonomy?
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Jun 16, 2020
Perth, Australia
Another user here stated that most relatives of suicide victims wished that the person who CTB had left a note. I don't know if that's true. I don't remember them leaving links to any studies, but that's what they said.


You can feel the punishment but you cant commit ts
Jun 29, 2020
Nevada, USA
Very sorry for what you're going-through...

I'm pretty new here, so haven't explored all the resources yet (I'm sure there's great stuff on suicide notes)... However, I've found this pretty useful and hope it helps you think it through:

That said, I'd think about making your key the following question: What could I say that would be the most helpful?

Please let us know how it goes....
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