Self harm - when are stitches necessary?

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Chicken of ss
Aug 9, 2018
I have a question:
I'm a excessive selfharmer. My cuts are often gaping 1-1,5 cm (~0,5 inches). So far, I've always gone and got stitches, as they told me at the ward. But is this absolutely necessary? If not, do you know when it is?


Nov 5, 2018
No, it's not absolutely necessary. Stitches will probably give you a better cosmetic result, because the wound edges will be more well-approximated and "cleaner" looking. Stitches are also preferable on an area that flexes a lot, like near a joint.

Otherwise you can just use steri-strips or butterfly bandages; they serve essentially the same purpose as stitches, and either option will allow the wound bed to granulate and heal from the inside out.

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