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Mar 16, 2018

Welcome to Sanctioned Suicide, where we allow self-expression without censorship.
Here you'll find resources, advice and support from like-minded individuals.
If you have questions, please scroll down to the FAQ.

  • Behavior: Do not harass, bully, or insult other users. Respect everyone's opinion even if you disagree. Keep discussion related to your own CTB, any illegal topics of a different nature are not allowed.
  • Encouraging: Do not encourage or coerce users to carry out acts of any nature; only provide advice and information.
  • Thread quality: No spam, all-caps, advertisement, misinformation, or low effort.
  • Requests / Selling: Do not buy, sell, nor ask for or offer products nor money.
  • Partners / Pacts: Post exclusively in the megathread. Read the thread rules first.
  • Personal Information: Don't post personal information of neither yourself nor providers.
  • PM's: Do not mass PM people. Do not send unsolicited PM's.
  • User Discussion: Speculation and discussion of users must stay in the megathread.
  • Goodbye Threads: If you make a thread stating you are leaving, your account will be banned, and you'll have to make a ban appeal in case you come back. This is to secure your account and prevent others from using it.
  • Chatbox: No sexual talk, or abuse of any of the above rules in it. Any image or video attachments must be put into spoiler tags.
  • Alternate Accounts: You can only have one account. If you must create another, PM a mod and discuss the issue - don't do it without discussing it first, or you'll be banned on both.
  • Avatars & Signatures: Do not use NSFW images for your avatar or signature. This includes self-harm and sexual acts.
We take the rules very seriously. You WILL be banned if you don't follow them.
Mods may delete posts or warn users if they deem it appropriate, trying to circumvent the rules won't work.
When registering for our forum, we don't allow proxies or VPNs, in order to prevent spam. You are allowed to use both after you register.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

-Is this site pro-suicide? What do you support?
This is a pro-choice forum. That means that if you wish to live, we support your right to do so, and if you wish to die, then we likewise understand and support you. We do not encourage suicide, we simply accept that different people have different circumstances, and if someone wishes to end their existence it is no one's decision to make but their own. Having said that, feel free to use the forum to vent, talk to like-minded individuals, or simply empathize and offer kind words to other people. The information offered here is for educational purposes, and the use you give it is up to you, so please be responsible.

-How can I create a thread / send a PM's to a user / join chat?
The permissions to create a thread, send and receive PM's, and use the live chat will be granted automatically after you post at least 5 times and are active for at least 24 hours. This is to avoid spam, trolling, and not waste anyone's time.

-How do I send a PM?
Once you have the permissions, you can send a PM by going to the information tab of a user's profile.

-Is there an official Discord?
Yes, PM a mod requesting an invite, but note you must be active on the site and have been registered for at least 1 week to get access.

-Can I donate?
Thanks for the help, it lets us keep the site online!
Please PM @Serge to donate.

-Will the site ever close? Should I worry?
No. Our servers are offshore, and we have taken precautions to avoid issues that could arise. Please don't create panic by making threads about this.
Downtime may happen rarely due to maintenance, upgrades, feature changes or similar.

-Can I edit / delete my posts and threads?
Yes. You have 6 hours after posting to edit / delete the content.
If you really need something deleted after that period, you can ask a mod to remove it via PM.

-How do I get alerts from a certain thread?
At the top right of every thread there's a button that says "Watch thread".
If you want to watch a particular thread without having to post, simply click the button.
By changing your alert preferences, you can automatically watch threads after you post in them, or after you create one.

-How do I change my alert and privacy preferences? What about the tag under my username?
Everything can be managed from your preferences panel.

-Is there a "Dark" mode?
There is! Check the bottom left of the page: There's a button that gives you the option of switching between "Light" and "Dark". There's even an Incognito mode, to browse in public.

-Can I change my username?
Unfortunately not, but if you PM a mod and explain the situation we can ban your current account and let you create a new one (as you can have only one active at any time). Don't do it without consulting first!

-Can I close down my account?
You can PM a mod to get your account banned. We do not delete accounts, nor mass-delete content.

-Who are the mods?
You can see the list in the Members section.

-Can I follow / block a user?
Yes. Click on the user's name and you should see "Follow" and "Ignore" buttons there.

-Can I trust other users?
Most users are sincere and empathetic, but we can never 100% guarantee that people won't lie. Don't trust strangers without understanding the risks first. Take time to know people before trusting them.

-How can I stay safe online?
If you are worried about your privacy, simply do like you would anywhere else: Don't post personal information (real name, address, phone, email, pictures, etc), unless you are comfortable exposing it to the internet. You can use a proxy / VPN if you want once you're registered.

-Can mods or admins read my PMs?
No. Staff cannot read your PM's, unless someone reports a message from you, in which case we will be able to see the specific reported message.

-I regret requesting a ban, can you unban me?
Please post your request in the ban appeal section, mention the mod, and explain why you have changed your mind, we'll consider your case. Notice you will be granted one unban at maximum.

-I have been banned, what can I do?
If you are banned, you will be given only one appeal. You must post this appeal in the ban appeal forum. Please read the instructions in the sticky there before posting - your request may be denied otherwise!

-Why was X banned?
We do not discuss reasons for bans or warnings with other users, as they are personal and private. The vast majority however do it voluntarily.

-Why are there different colors for usernames? What do they mean?
Depending on the amount of posts you will be assigned a rank on the forum. Each rank has it's own color. A list of all ranks & how many posts are needed can be found here:
0-4 -> New Member
5-99 -> Member
100-199 -> Veteran
200-299 -> Wise
300-399 -> Specialist
400-499 -> Master
500-599 -> Arcanist
600-699 -> Wizard
700-799 -> Elemental
800-899 -> Ascended
900-999 -> Visionary
1000-1999 -> Illuminated
2000+ -> Angelic
Please note that each rank promotion requires +1 week of being registered (e.g. 3 weeks for Specialist, 4 weeks for Master etc.)

-I have feedback / a question that isn't answered here!
Feel free to reach out via PM to any of the mods. If you haven´t got PM rights yet you can respond to the welcome PM.
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