[Games] Ruin A Date in 6 words or Less

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Missunderstood Potato
Dec 9, 2018
Me: I have social problems ,basically HFA/ Asperger's Syndrom.

Me: Look how weird my teeth look like ! (I actually had an accident and my teeth therefore are out :/ )

Me: I've got food problems... I don't chew solid food only soft food. (I said it once to one girl and she was like "yuck ,i don't get you " and im a girl not in a lesbian way so i don't know if that counts )

Me: Am i upsetting everyone /and or Are you ok ? (I tend to ask that ALOT for some reason..)

Me: im ugly. I want to kill myself. etc.

Good luck to me if I'll ever have a date! Only had 1and a ½ and he was mean and made me small so yeah :/
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