Right Now It Hit Hard.

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Apr 10, 2018
Was listening to the song "It's Getting Old" by Cottonwood Firing Squad and I could relate to that song so much. Part of the reason why I wanna ctb is becuase I am getting old and I missed out allot on most of the stuff I wish I could do when I was a teen. It's shitty being born in one type of life, being forced to live with the shitty hand we've been dealt with. If only I could rewrite everything.


Failure at Living, Failure at Dying
Mar 20, 2018
I'm not quite sure if your situation, but getting old doesn't necessarily have to mean the end.
While I'm still relatively young, I can relate to this partially. There are many things that I missed out on in my childhood and teens that I regret missing out on. Most of the times, I don't usually think about it, but sometimes it sets in that I could've been happier, maybe even could have become "something".
If there's anything that you want to do now, that you are able to do, you should go for it.