[Venting] Rage Megathread.

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Theresa Riot

Theresa Riot

Apr 5, 2020
I hate people who are like "just get help!" Like how privileged are you that you can just call up a doctor and not only can you afford it, but they actually have time for you and they care about you? Before I qualified for medicaid the "help" available to me was non existent. Some "social worker" just giving me advice on how to deal with my insane mother.

No meds, no real doctors, no real help for suicidal ideation. And honestly, even with medicaid, I'm not doing well. I have a doctor who prescribes medicine, but apparently I'm allergic to EVERYTHING and of course there are no available counselors and I'm still stuck with my insane mother because I can't work and have been denied disability (apparently I'm still capable of "work like activities").

So to the people who say get help like it's so easy, take several arenas worth of seats and shut up.
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Nov 8, 2018

I'm not quite enraged, more like disappointed.
Don't get me wrong, the LGBT community did massive good upon humanity, but its higher ups are now going stupid. Judging by this article, they're actively seeking to be oppressed by anything.
In my opinion it started with the fixation on changing gender pronouns way too early. The people mentioned in the article who say they're hurt by the word "guys", especially post surgery or hormone therapy, I suspect they claim it for their 15 minutes of fame. They want some higher ups to yield to some demands, much like the "Karen" demanding to see the manager after, say, trying to eat fries that are perhaps one degree too hot for her liking - a non issue.
Until now I have never seen anybody react to the word "guys" as strongly as these specific few people.
Are there perhaps more people who don't want to cause a scene? Perhaps. Are they aware that this is such a small issue that is specific to their liking and that it would be ridiculous to start a massive fight over it? Seems so.
On a semi related note, I've observed an interesting trend arising in some niche communities regarding such small groups of people demanding the entire world to yield to their liking: some people begin to address them as "it".
You're welcome to prove me wrong, of course. In Israel I've never seen this happen.

Edit: I should note - a suggestion among others was "comrades". "Comrades", like it's a ussr war rally.
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Apr 16, 2020
War Zone
On a semi related note, I've observed an interesting trend arising in some niche communities regarding such small groups of people demanding the entire world to yield to their liking: some people begin to address them as "it".
You're welcome to prove me wrong, of course. In Israel I've never seen this happen.
mate Israel is still a baby and obv behind in so many ways.. but yeah i know some myself.. they want us to refer to them as plural - אתם
also i had a girl lover that after we broke up had transitioned into a man and then back to a woman (now without tits) so now s\he are it.. but the langue cages you and so the social reflection of your (their) identity is dictated and causes confusion frustration and antagonism.. from both sides.. i say fuck it cause its a social political dialog pre designed to fail.. if you cant reach inner peace and acceptance - society will not give you what you desperately need.. (love) like every other identity struggle its an inner dialog and voicing it may rock the boat and get some people thinking but it wont change your self loathing or desperation for validation.. activism\terrorism.. love\hate.. you know.. all that jaz innit..


But what do I know
Mar 31, 2020
Everything is going wrong today. I'm about to throw my computer.
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Jan 5, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
I'm angry I didn't ctb last year when I had the chance, before I ruined my entire life.

I'm angry I disposed of my old N to try and save a friendship. And then fucked that friendship up anyway, along with hurting countless other people I cared about.

I'm now stuck in limbo feeling completely lost and disconnected. I can't focus or think straight. Constant flashbacks of back when my life was good.

I'll be lucky if I manage to get more N this time around.
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Mar 31, 2020
I'm pissed off at my family. I'm the youngest yet they're putting it all on me.
I'm pissed off that I told a friend how close I was to ctb and he said that only cowards commit suicide and then said he should know because he was close and he didn't actually do it. He had the audacity to tell me that it's all just my emotions and that I'm not even trying. Fuck you I've tried for 25 fucking years!

I am tired and I'm angry and the only time I'm happy is when I remember how close I am to dying. People keep telling me that I'm handling things so well and the only reason is because I know what I have planned.

Also any inheritance should be used to clean up after dad first you prick. Not split it in half and then tell me not to use too much of mine because it's a waste. I'm cleaning the fucking house out so his life insurance policy doesn't get taken. There was enough for around 1g left over for me and 1 sibling (only other bio child) and I need that because I am now homeless because dad passed and I have to have rent money in advance to get a place. My brother has spent £60 of his inheritance to get me to the house to clear it out. I've spent £780 renting motherfucking skips to get rid of things because I can't drive. And I'm left alone and trusted to know "what we all want to keep". Fuck. You.


the caress of the Void
Jun 16, 2020
I'm so fucking enraged and devastated that I'll never be able to live the life I want to live. The concept of my more ideal life - not even perfect, just approximating the ideal - will forever taunt me. I'm working so hard just to have the opportunity to perversely contort myself to fit societal demands and expectations. I'm so working so hard just to have the opportunity of it being all taken away. In order to stay alive and maybe make something meaningful of myself, I have to suffer and die again and again and again. It's unfair, unjust, inhumane.
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Perpetual idiot
Jan 7, 2020
Goddamn military service. Because of that mandatory shit I have to spend an entire year before I can get a shot at living again. If you refuse, you get the label of a pussy. If you want to carry it out doing community service, you get the label of a pussy. I hate it so fucking much, but I also hate myself for hating it because the system is like it is partially because of our veterans' legacy.

I'm also pissed that I can't get sleep because of a 10 hour road trip tomorrow. Aaaahhhhhhh fuck


May 18, 2019
Cat Heaven
Does anyone ever feel angry when someone you like don’t like you back? I’ve been thinking about this lately. I realized that I have a pattern of really liking someone so much initially and I try to do many things for them but then get disappointed that they don’t like me as much as I like them. Later I start to feel anger towards them.

I’m diagnosed with both BPD and BD. So I’m destined to get angry a lot. But I feel that now I’m seeing some patterns in the things I do or the ways I feel, I might be able to CBT, DBT myself.

I’m wondering if anyone feels similarly since this is a rage thread.


Jun 27, 2020
Honestly I'll admit that I don't feel very much empathy with the pro-life parents trashing the forum. I know they experiencing the worst grief possible but expecting people to restrict information because of their feelings just pisses me off.
Enrage by the fact that Magic the Gathering cards are being censored because of this woke trashed political agenda
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I just wanna go to my husband already.
Jun 5, 2020
Philippines / Croatia
Not directed at anyone here.

Everything i ever dreamed of and worked for is gone and can never be returned. Dead forever. Fuck you death and your timing. Fuck you hospitals and lazy doctors who only laughed for 3 hours as my husband was dieing infront of your door. And fuck everyone who tells me losing family is ok, and i should just replace them with new one to be happy. Fuck your hope, and take it with you. If you cant even try understand me then take your pro hope shit to someone who cares, and let me die alone. Please.

Im sorry for my language.
I still love you God.