Paying the price for Successful Life

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One more attempt on life.
Feb 18, 2019
In many trainings , leadership, specially human transformation, there's this concept about paying the price to obtain the results you or I want in Life.

Us, in recovery, some might ease up on depression symptoms and effects. Causes can be different, but easing depressive symptoms is absolutely great, no matter the reason we were depressed.

Life becomes healthier and easier to live. Annoying CTB thoughs cease. Is that the goal? Maybe at first, but then? Whats next? How do we live a successful life?

Here's where the concept of "paying the price" chips in. Not everyone is filthy rich to go and do or perform everything they want, and i'm certain money would make it easier, but it ain't everything. We're required to push ourselves, or must be pulled by our goals (perspectives) to achieve things.

In this human transformation leadership training I took years ago, we learned that life is about Results, and the only thing that satisfy us is getting those results, and awkardly, no matter the result! It doesnt matter if we win or fail, but the pursue and actions taken to perform and obtain a result does modifies something in our mind.
We learned it's impossible to be in the right mind to do something, to take action. We must do despite what our mind tell us, so instead of meditationg, wishing for a better mind, we were trained to act and get a result, no matter what that is. Even in a fail, our mind understands, and can keep tyring, but we must take action.

And even with the training I took, even though I know this from experience, it's not easy to to act, to JUST DO IT.
However it is necessary, so we can think how would Superman do? How would X person do this? And become or act like that person to obtain a result.

I wish I can perform or take action, today. Wishing is for suckers, I am required to take action to achieve my results, no matter what them may be.


Apr 2, 2019
What exactly is stopping you?

Fight yourself lol. Fuckin go out and do crazy shit. What’s to lose?
You’re not gonna get shit from doing nothing. Hell, you might not even get shit from trying, but it might be exhilarating.