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Death's the only certainty.
Jun 7, 2019
  1. Location: Central Italy, Rome.
  2. Method: I seek to go with a boom, the more painfull the better. Car crash at 120Km/h. Gunshots to non-vital parts of the body, leading to major hemmorage coupled with shock. Explosion, perfectly would be major burns and death by shock. No painless ways to die. My body needs to be retrieved, the more witnesses the better.
  3. Any extra information: I'm a female, aged 19. Perfect candidate wouldn't shy away from pain, reasoning behind the "strange" painfull way to go?DM's over discord. Age? Irrelevant. Gender? Irrelevant. Also, I would add that once I step out the house, I can't come back. Drugs, heroine, meth, weed, hashish, anything that won't cause me OD and stop me from going through with it. If I don't find anyone in the next two weeks from this post, I'll post a goodbye thread and get it over with myself.
  4. To keep in mind: Can't move, since no car nor driver license. Can't contribute to any expenses, since I got nothing on my name worth something. I got contacts that can sell drugs, but that's it.

    Discord: .Χ Ξ Σ.SlaaneshiteWitch#2503
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May 29, 2019
Repost :
Location Serbia, Hungary, ex Yu countries. Reason : terminal illnes.
Age 56 sex male
Method : drugs, depends what can we obtain. Important to be peaceful. I have the money, dont have access to N or other drugs. If theres anybody with access, to any lethal drug, please email me [email protected] if you are from these countries, or PM me. If you have any other idea, mail me too. thank you regards.
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May 24, 2019
Location: New York, NY metro area. Can travel a few hours by car.
Method: Opiate overdose or Nembutal
Info: I’m a 30 y.o. Female. No preference regarding a partners demographics as long as they can get to my location. Money is limited and so are connections to buy what is needed. I’d like to spend my last day feeling good and peaceful. I would have to be comfortable with your decision to ctb so I would definitely have to get to know you. PM me if interested.


Jun 8, 2019
Location: Central New Jersey, can't drive but would be very appreciative if you could.
Method: I'm pretty open so long as it's mostly painless. Would like to know your preferred way. I'm a dependant so I can't buy anything on my own.
Me: male, 21, jobless, would like to talk and get to know eachother. I dream of some romantic way to finally ctb. It's our final days so might as well pretend the world isn't hopeless for a little bit, yeah? Jus watching our favorite movies, playing games, drinking, whatever. I never really got along with guys but I'm not terribly picky, I'm just shy. Would prefer around my age too.


Apr 17, 2019
Location Canada . I have no means of transportation .
Method: anything painless
I am eighteen years old. I do not have a preference of gender but, maybe 30 under for age . Only message me if you’re serious and decisive of decision please .
Contact me through here or other sites if interested ! [email protected] ( protonmail ) Unfilteredflower ( Kik ) and Sunlightbloom#6835 Discord and Snapchat prochoicectb . Wanting to ctb as soon as possible, disinterested in waiting a year or more months . We’d need to establish trust with each other first by getting to know each other. I like to take precautions. Don’t message me if you’re only looking to have a “ conversation “ with me.
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Jun 2, 2019
Looking to meet someone to meet irl to make friends with before I CTB in the next week or two as that's my timeline for CTB I've settled on night night. I'm 29 years old male living in Stirling Scotland unable to travel. [email protected] is my email


always sad
Jun 6, 2019
location- minnesota
interested in connecting with someone near me (preferably ages 18-24). i would like to CTB at some point with a partner but i have no set date in mind. it would be nice to meet someone in MN that wants to get to know each other and CTB together!! you can email me at [email protected]
extra info- 20/F
I am 31 years old and based in Hamburg Germany. Fav. method is carbon monixide within car or tent.i dont have an own car .im willing to travel within Germany ( Maybe Europe). Im searching for an Partner or Group. I want to go arround the beginning of july.
Searching for suicide pact arround the beginning of july . Based in hamburg germany.favourite Method Co within car or tent. Willing to travel within Germany. Im female,31. Contact: [email protected]
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Sep 3, 2018
Canada, forties male looking to ctb pretty freaking soon. Gender unimportant and method preferred is sn or n but only have sn currently.
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Jun 10, 2019
Location: Western Germany, I am open to travel, but no money. Maybe you can come to me, but it's a lil difficult because I don't live alone. Hotels exist

Method: Lethal OD or hanging or something else combined with anesthetics

Gender/Age: 24 male, but looking like under 20 tho

Extra: I am able to get any kind of drug and anesthetics like ketamin/propofol except N. It just depends on money which I don't have cuz I have to life from social care. If you have the resources for travel and drugs, then you are the man (or woman , Idc ) . Message me and we can work out a plan and you can get be assured that I ain't just a scammer.

A simple person who would take me by hand and help me to simply hang myself would be also ok. Or someone who knows how intravenous consumption works and work out a plan how to cook out fentanyl out of the patch and inject etc. but it should be in RL because I don't have the balls to do it alone and I don't care if you are not sure with your decision as long as you help me to end my own life.

Contact: [email protected]


Jan 2, 2019
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Method: Prefer hanging, but open to other ideas. Really want to do it deep in the woods so as not to be found.
Other: Male, 59. Gender and age unimportant.
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Jun 9, 2019
Location: Midest USA
Other: Male,33, looking for Female partner only, we of course would need to get to know each other first over text/email, only willing to meet in public place before CTB, willing to do limited traveling, don’t have a set date, but hopefully before the holidays. I can’t PM on here quite yet but feel free to email me- [email protected]. Thank you.
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Jun 6, 2019
Location: central Texas
Method: Anything that has a high probability of success, e.g. hanging, firearms, jumping, SN, inert gas.
Extra info: Male, 56 years old. No preference as to gender. Next week or the week after.


"I'm not here. This isn't happening"
Jun 10, 2019
Location: Lithuania. I guess I wouldn't mind going to a nearby European country, since who am I kidding, I don't think any Lithuanians are lurking here.
Method: The less agony and mess the better. Dying seems a lot less scary if I had someone to ctb with
Extra info: F/20. Would personally prefer someone in their twenties.


I'm a saint, got a date with suicide
May 23, 2019
United States
Location: SW USA, but willing to travel throughout. If we really make a connection and you'd be willing to wait a few months, I could travel to Europe
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Method: I'd like to try a heroin OD or jumping, but I would be willing to try something else
Reason: Complete absurdism
Other Info: Age or gender don't really matter to me, as long as we can trust each other and have a fun day together before we ctb


Jun 10, 2019
Location : Southeast US, able to travel within the states.
Method : Drug overdose but can be discussed
Extra : 22/F. It doesn’t matter what gender you are but I want someone close to my age if possible. I’m trying to get a group, just so we can have fun the last few days before we ctb but it’s okay if I can only find one person. PM me or reply to me here for another way to contact each other.
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Jun 11, 2019
Location: Vancouver, BC
Method: fentanyl OD or jumping from bridge
Extra info: I'm 20 & hoping to ctb on my birthday June 18. I don't have the F yet, so it would be nice if you have some or know someone who can get it, otherwise bridge it is. Prefer someone close to my age.

Please private message me if interested.
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Jun 12, 2019
1. Location: South Florida currently, but Mississippi in August. Would be willing to travel within the U.S, but I don't have a car. Maybe plane or if possible pick me up/road trip?
2. Method: Drug overdoes, preferably N or painless/peaceful. Don't have supplies. Would be willing to pay if someone buys.
3. Any extra information: 20F. Would love to have a few days just partying and having fun. I'm really hoping before or around August.

Since I'm new I can't PM, email me at [email protected] if you're interested. I'd also love to chat with you beforehand.


Nov 8, 2018
Location: Israel. Can't travel.
Method: SN or jumping (assuming you found a good place, because I haven't), though other suggestions can be offered.
Extra info: it's a bit of a tricky situation for me - a situation that MIGHT get cured. MIGHT.
The issue, however, is that I already lost half a life to it. I'm still trying. This produces a problem where every meeting with the doctors means I might be thrown into the station at a moment's notice.
I'm still working on my ticket, trying to not be in a place where I'm reduced to a crazed dash towards the unknown. So far I'm calm. So far in making reservations.


Apr 19, 2018
im 55 looking for a suicide partner, if you interested message me on this site or kik my user name is angeltoddarm or pm on this site thing of hanging but am up for other ideas im from Canada
(Possibly someone who could travel as i can not travel sick of life and need to end my life


Jun 7, 2019
Location : Northern California, USA
Method : To be decided
Extra info: Older woman, so would like the same, 30+ or more. Tentative date, Oct. 2019. Please PM to discuss.
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May 29, 2019
Repost :
Location Serbia, Hungary, ex Yu countries. Reason : terminal ill.
Age 56 sex male
Method : drugs, depends what can we obtain. Important to be peaceful. I have the money, dont have access to N or other drugs. If theres anybody with access, to any lethal drug, please email me [email protected] if you are from these countries, or PM me. If you have any other idea, mail me too. thank you regards.

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