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    If you are in need of immediate help, consider calling the Samaritan's hotline: (877) 870-4673. Be aware they may call emergency services if they believe you are at imminent risk of death.
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Sanctioned Suicide

Sanctioned Suicide

Mar 17, 2018
Partners Megathread

NOTE: Read the following rules or you will be heavily warned.


  • By posting in this thread you take full responsibility of your acts. Read the warnings below.
  • If you want to reply to someone PM them, don't post here.
  • Don't PM people who did not post here.
  • Only one (1) post per person, per day. Don't spam.
  • Do not post personal contact information like email, phone number, kik, or similar.
  • If you try to take advantage of anyone on this site, you will be immediately banned and reported to the authorities.
Remember mentioning:
  1. Location
  2. Method
  3. Any extra information

Examples of posts (you don't need to post exactly in this format, but it helps):

Location: New York, but I can go to where you are.
Method: No idea, we can discuss it together.
Extra info: Let's have a few beers before the act!
Location: Berlin
Method: I can tell you over PM.
Extra info: I'm old so it's best if you're over 40.

Understand that:
  • There are many risks involved in meeting a stranger, including but not limited to being lied to, being used for personal gain/morbid pleasure, methods failing for one of you, changes of heart, sexual assault, issues with the authorities, differences between partners, blackmail, pranks, and many more. Be sure you truly understand the risks. We only provide a place to get in touch with others who think like you, you take full responsibility for what happens next.
  • Once you find someone, take the time to know each other. Define limits and what if's, see if the feeling is genuine and reciprocal, know the why's. If someone is in a rush it may mean they are in a panic and might have a change of heart soon. You should take at the very least two weeks to know someone before fully trusting them, but that is your prerogative.
  • Pacts and partner seeking is not for everyone. Those who dislike / disapprove should be mature enough to respect the wishes of those who want to go ahead with this path. If you have questions or concerns PM a mod, don't post here.
A quote from Okami:

Whether or not pacts are a good idea is up to that person's own discretion. If they're willing to take the risk of attempting with a stranger for some comfort of not doing it alone, then that and any potential consequences that may follow is their responsibility. There are some individuals who would not be able to do it without the aid of someone else, so a partner is sometimes a requirement. Though that may be a rare situation, I understand and also relate.

I personally recommend everyone who's looking for a partner to give both individuals time to get to know and trust one another. I've seen people wanting to do it within a week (or an even shorter amount of time), and while that's their own personal decision, it does raise the possibility of something going wrong. It's best to make sure that every person involved is truly dedicated (it's sometimes easy to tell if someone's not truly ready while trying to have in-depth discussions about methods), and to also think of back-up plans if for some reason your initial planned method can't be accomplished.

However, I'm not one to really complain about risks, since attempting is a high and potentially devastating risk on its own. Pacts can indeed be dangerous, but can lead to satisfying results if the individuals involved are willing to show patience and truly trust one another.


Jun 16, 2018
Location: Europe, I can travel
Method: Black Powder guns (because we lack access to modern ones)

We don't have to die together if you don't want to, but acquiring the guns and making them work might need 2 brains instead of one. Poland, France and Serbia require no license for black powder guns (the old kind). They might require citizenship, but if we keep trying, some seller might agree to the transaction regardless. We would then need to figure out how to safely fire them, looks like it's not exactly trivial. We could search for a forest and try to test them. If used properly, they should be as reliable as a modern gun. The reason they are not forbidden is the fact that they are not practical for a criminal (they produce smoke and you can't reload them easily). The idea of an adventure-like road trip might also do us good as a closure with the world we are leaving.
For those in Europe that don't care about the mess they leave behind, this might be our best option.
I would prefer a partner that is at least in his late twenties.


Apr 19, 2018
’m 55 looking for a suicide partner, if you interested message me on kik my user name is angeltoddarm or pm on this site thing of hanging im from Canada
(Possibly someone who could travel as i can not travel


May 29, 2018
  1. Location: Central Europe, but I´m able to travel
  2. Method: hanging
  3. Extra info: Only searching for a female suicide partner cause I´m feeling like a female (although I´m male) and I´m afraid of personal contact/meerting with males
Final Escape

Final Escape

Old and tired
Jul 8, 2018
I’m looking for a suicide partner, preferably a guy. I’m in Colorado, my kik is Sashajade7777. I’m not sure on the method preferably carbon monoxide unless u have a better method.


Apr 12, 2018
Location: KL, Malaysia.
Method: Jumping, or anything else that's reliable.
Extra: PM if you want to ask me anything.
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Jul 10, 2018
Location: Quebec
Age : 23 male
Method: Charcoal burning and alcohol / jumping

Looking for 2 partners, it would be cool to catch the train with 2 nice fellows, death is not depressive to me, it is nothing but joy, a new beginning, a new family tree, an everlasting smile.
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New Member
Jul 8, 2018
Anyone between the age of 16 - 22 message me on kik: done_122
Location: Uk
Method: jumping, motorway but am up for other ideas
Gender: female
Someone who could possibly travel I would like to do this within the next week !!!


May 8, 2018
Location: New Jersey, USA.
Method: Preferably N. I haven't ordered mine yet since my deadline is May 2019 but I'd like to go sometime during fall or winter this year.
Extra info: Female; 21 years old. It would be comforting to go with someone reliable and knowledgeable about suicide.


Jun 29, 2018
Aight, gonna try, even if I have minimal chances to find someone here

Location: Russia, somwhere on the Kama river (almost ran out of money, so can't travel to you)
Method: CO poisoning (some old car that I don't have yet, but maybe you have one), but I'm ready to other painless & reliable methods, cn/exit bag for example.
Info: Male, 23, then comes the Russian speech (doubt that someone abroad will give me money to travel to him and will wait 'till I get
international passport/will travel here, so looks like I can speech Russian only here): Даже не знаю что сказать, если честно. Денег минимум, но на билет куда-то могу найти в самом крайнем случае, если буду уверен что партнер не подкачает. Хочу уже просто уйти побыстрее, но чтобы сделать это самому надо ждать ещё месяц-другой (чтоб права получить и прикупить тот самый старый авто), а сил терпеть уже минимум. Да и страшновато одному, поэтому хочу с кем-то. Остальное в личку, но тут бываю нечасто, так что возможно придётся подождать ответа.


Jun 27, 2018
Location: usa California
Method: any type of method
Age: 21 and over
Extra: Male or female , I am mobile so can travel only interested in final exit nothing more. Pm if need more information. Trying to exit asap.
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