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Jumper Geo

Jumper Geo

Life's a bitch and then you die.
Feb 23, 2020
London, UK
Looking for a partner, M/F must have GSOH :haha::haha::haha:
: City Of London Hotel
: (Flexible)
Age: 49
Sex: Male

Additional Information,
and 100 grams of 99.9% Pure SN, to make it as quick and peaceful as possible, willing to share with the right person, let's talk.

Day 02, Food, FAST, Medication and Dose

08:00hrs 01 X 10mg Metoclopramide
11:00hrs 02 X Big Macs and Fries with Vanilla Milkshake
15:00hrs 02 X KFC Chicken Burgers, Chips with Coke
16:00hrs 01 X 10mg Metoclopramide
16:00hrs 01 X Begin 8 Hour FAST
21:30hrs 01 X 40mg Propranolol (40mg)
22.00hrs 01 X Begin 2 Hour Water FAST
22:30hrs 04 X 75mg Ranitidine (300mg)
22:45hrs 03 X 10mg Metoclopramide (30mg)
23:00hrs 02 X 500mg of Paracetamol (1,000mg)
23:15hrs 01 X 10mg Diazepam (10mg)
23:50hrs 20 X 40mg Propranolol (800mg)
23:50hrs 01 X 30g SN (30,000mg)
23:55hrs 01 X Last roll up of Golden Virginia tobacco
24:00hrs 01 X Swallow SN and Propranolol in 100ml Water, Rizla or Yum Yum Chocolate Bomb (Not Decided Yet)
01.00hrs 01 X CBT Woohoo :halo::halo::halo:

:heart: :heart::heart: Thanks for reading :heart::heart::heart:


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Apr 18, 2020
Location: Canada(Manitoba)
Method: SN, hanging, or whatever you prefer
Gender: Female, 24
I am super desperate if you’d love to drive or fly to me. I am down to cbt right away.

Thankyou❤ Please let me know
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Jan 29, 2020

Looking for someone with access to Fentanyl or guns, can travel out of the country for it
Or someone who can come to me for the charcoal method, I have high quality briquettes and a secluded place.


May 31, 2020
24, female, London UK
But can travel to another city or somewhere inbetween in the UK.

Method: I have helium, but I want to die by SN. I haven't found a supplier yet, so we'd need to work on that. Helium has been my method of choice for years now, but I don't trust myself not to rip the CPAP mask off and render myself brain damaged. It's as simple as that.

Preference: nobody younger than me. I don't want to have sex 'for the last time', I do it for my job.

It would have to be at your place (sorry) and not at a hotel - I'm a sex worker, I get sick of them.
Unless we rented out a really nice little apartment or something? Just basically not anywhere that looks or acts like a hotel
I want to have a chat, feel normal for a bit and then go. I've been ready for 8 months.


Jun 8, 2020
Location: Florida (but I have transportation and willing to travel)
Method: Preferably N, perhaps CO, SN / Have access to benzos and a few other things
Extra: Would prefer kind, intelligent female partner if possible. It just seems more comforting for some reason. A small adventure beforehand sounds nice, but is obviously not necessary. Thanks for reading.


I just wanna go to my husband already.
Jun 5, 2020
Philippines / Croatia
27, Philippines

Sn, can share it, gun, pong pong, hanging, od, poisons, whatever you have that will work and we agree on. Or just chill with me, without calling ambulance, please.

Pm please, even if you just want to talk, anything that helps us. Thank you


May 23, 2020
New Zealand
Location: New Zealand
Method: preferably SN however open to others

23 years old, male

PM me if youd like to talk!
Lady black

Lady black

34 male, central europe
Oct 22, 2018
34 male, austria
looking for female, cause I wish I was born as a female and I feel not comfortable with other males.
Method: hanging prefered but let´s discuss what you like to do
time: asap
Can travel in most european countries now


Jul 20, 2018
33 male, Los Angeles, California
Gender does not matter.
I have two fire arms, but considering overdosing instead, will to trade firearms for overdose help in acquisition
Before the end of June preferably, but willing to wait longer for the right circumstances.
Willing to travel/meet somewhere.

Mare Tranquillitatis

Mar 10, 2020
Male, age mid-fifties. Location : Austria. Method : Exit bag . Write a PM if you would like to talk and to discuss the Exit Bag method ! As you know, the exit bag is a very safe method, but its possible, that minor details cause failure.
Age and gender and location doesnt matter - but I cant travel.
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I want to drift into the lucid dream, endlessly...
Jun 11, 2020
Far from home
Pennsylvania (willing to travel to nearby states)
Prefer inert gas asphyxiation, but will go with other methods, as long as it’s quick.
Age and gender do not matter. No exact date of CTB yet, but looking at either August or September.
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Hi I'm lonely
Mar 8, 2020
20 years.
Casablanca can't travel.
Down for most methods i could use some help or even just an emotional backup i guess.
Doesn't matter if ur not sure about ur decision of killing ur self i just wanna go asap, i could use any type of help thanks.


Apr 25, 2019

In Philly.

I’m autistic, have PTSD, and untreated fibromyalgia due to lack of health care.
I’m essentially too disabled to find work.

I realized that many of my life goals - education, career, relationships - are unrealistic and I will have to lower my expectations. I’m not emotionally stable enough to deal with it, and the past year my physical condition has become unbearable.

I did a job interview earlier this year for a data entry job, so I could try raising money, so I could buy all of the materials myself. I made a complete fool out of myself. My anxiety got the best of me. I couldn't complete sentences, I didn't understand some things people were asking me. The interviewer actually laughed at me. Of course I left them my number and never got a call back. It brought up the worst traumatic experiences that I dealt with in the past. It confirmed that I can't work. And I can't get on disability, either...I tried several times in the past couple of years and took my case to court. Combined with my chronic pain, I can't work, which means I have no money, which means I can't buy the materials , which means I'm trapped in this hell. I'm really losing my mind.

Method: SN, antiemetics, antacid, and benzos to eliminate any anxiety and make it as close to painless as possible. It's based on resources on this forum. I will do the best I can to help you find what you need.

I believe that if you’re truly suicidal, you can blow all of your funds. I would appreciate it if someone was generous enough to spend money on essentially my own euthanasia, so to speak. And of course, I would give you the information to help assist you to CTB as well.

Message me if you’re local. Please, I’m desperate and losing it. I'd really appreciate if someone suicidal would help me out here.


May 27, 2020
Male: 37
Rhode Island, USA
Extra's: I have $3000 saved up for what we need.
After many Failures I Prefer Jumping, Mt Washington, New Hampshire.

Because my last suicide attempt was so bad and I cut my ulnar nerve to the bone and lost 2 and 1/2 pints of blood, I am still recovering. I've been stuck on opioid medication for 4 years because of this but I'm getting off them completely in 2 months. I can begin to make friends with somebody now as long as you like nature and philosophy and wouldn't mind spending our last 2 weeks camping and having one last set of conversations. If there is a subject you wish to talk about as well, I'm as good a listener as I am a debater.

I have a few conditions I apologize if I am breaking any rules, it's not intentional and someone can tell me and I'll remove whatever is breaking the rules, I just can't do this alone again, I've caused so much physical pain to myself because I failed severely so many times. I know I can't fail jumping which is why MT Washington seems logical.

My conditions are female please, my father was an abusive alcoholic who beat me and my younger brother as a child then left when I was 12. I don't have deep conversations with men, I've never had a male role model. Age I would hope to be within 10 years of me so our discussions and friendship in our last days is relatable.

I used to always be in monogamous relationships from age 15-32 but have been single for 5 years and have no intention for any kind of relationships. I've been asked by women and rejected them all so if you can jump and want to spend your last 2 weeks camping on MT Washington having good conversation I'll buy camping gear, I have a car, I'll burn my credit cards out buying anything that makes us laugh or feel happy for the last couple of weeks. I suffer from major depressive disorder and severe anxiety panic attacks. I don't want to be in this life anymore. The world's ratio of suffering to joy is so horrific there's no way we were created by something benevolent and I can't take the way the world is anymore. I'm too empathic for this life and other people's pain drives me to endless hopelessness even though I constantly try to help everyone. I'm also an INFJ for those who know their personality trait, anyone who is similar like INFP or INTP or INTJ.

Pain had kept me confined for 4 years, that pain came from a doctor who was arrested after he raised my pain medication so high against my will and had been stealing narcotics from patients, the damage this man did to me caused me to suffer for 4 years coming off of it. That is why my last wish is a friend and good conversation before I leave hell for something hopefully better. I'm sorry if my requirements seem high, nobody has to meet all of them, the most important is, you can wait 2 months so I can get off this medication and be me for 2 last weeks of my life, and that you're female within 10 years of my life and are ok with Jumping and camping for the last two weeks on Mt Washington and like having deep conversations. Please nobody who thinks they could get romantic feelings and change their mind and try and change mine. I'm sorry but no matter how much someone thinks things could work, I don't believe in love anymore I have my reasons whoever ends up being the person who goes with me is free to ask anything and talk about anything but I love topics in science in all fields.

Since I can't do this for 2-3 months until I am completely off the medication they had me on for the last attempt, anyone who is ok with most of my criteria can pm me and we can talk and see if we would be a good fit to bring each other a little happiness and friendship before the end.

Edit: I read all the rules before posting this, due to being on opioid medication and coming off of it very fast because it dulls my mind and kills my body, I'm also stuck on 5 other medications, xanax 8mg a day, colonodine .01mg and Adderal 25mg a day. All my focus is on my physical pain now, I have not had time to deal with my emotional pain for 5 years due to the physical pain. I have died multiple times only to be brought back and in the most bizarre ways that should never have failed. I've had so many severe attempts, that the people who know say I'm a miracle meant to be here for something. I don't know if talking about our history is against the rules, as I said, I read them all over and over but my mind on all these medications, I forget 10 seconds later what I just did or was thinking.

So one thing I am begging the moderators, this is my last hope, my only chance to ever end my suffering. If I am breaking some rule, tell me, please don't ban me. Once I am off these meds in 3 months, I'll be me in my mind again as sharp as I was before all this, but that won't change what I want to do. I just can't lose this site, or I'm doomed to suffer physical pain for the rest of my life. Everyone here who has tried knows how hard it is to cross that mental barrier alone and go through with it. I've done it 12 times, I have an 8 inch scar on my stomach, I had to learn to walk again, 60 staples put in me, at 25 I attempted Seppuku. I won't say anymore, if someone doesn't know what that is you need to research yourself, I don't know if describing what we've done is against the rules which is why all I'll say is Seppuku. If you know what that is imagine the physical pain.

That is why if I lose this site which I have been searching for, for YEARS, I'm going to be tortured for decades. Every site I've ever found has always been about guilt tripping people in immense mental and emotional pain into living for everyone else as if they all get 2 lives and we get 0. I have to find someone to do this with. I can't alone again, I just can't, not after all I've gone through. I saw someone else talk about medication use for this, I will save as much xanax as I can to calm our nerves. I can probably save enough that even someone with tolerance would feel the full effect so that it was peaceful, beautiful in nature, I hope it will feel like a wonderful dream falling from such a height on a peaceful medication.

I'm so thankful I found this site. Thank you to whoever created it and those that maintain it and to everyone else who also suffers, I am truly sorry for your pain, everyone's pain is different, in my life I feel like mine has been a 100 out of 10 in emotional pain and physical pain, but that might not even be true someone else may have suffered 10 times worse than me and I'll never know because pain is subjective to the person experiencing it so though I feel I've suffered more than 10 lives worth of pain, I know there are no words to say to people in our situations that doesn't come off as insulting by most people so I would just say that, if I could, I'd give you all a hug because nothing I say is gonna fix the pain or let me know how bad you've had it in life.
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Mar 9, 2020
Age: 26 (F)
I haven't been able to access any methods due to limited privacy at home and inability to drive. Really open to any swift and ideally painless ways with high success rate (e.g., SN, f***a**, helium).

I read that it might be needed to post a total of 5x to PM, so happy to do so if/when I receive any responses.