Nothing Seems Worth It

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Jan 31, 2020
I moved home with my parents, and although they have money/stability, all they do is bicker about pointless things.

I'm 28, depressed, tired, and unable to deal with my problems (debt/unemployment/no direction in life)

I just feel this hopelessness for my future and helpless.
I don't want to call the Hospital I went to to tell them I have no money to pay my bill from being assaulted a few months ago.
I don't want to call my credit card companies to negotiate lower interest rates.
I don't want to copy my awful resume into another application for a job that even if I got I'd still be depressed and probably unable to even do it well.
I'm done trying to become a better person and failing and giving into depression and laziness.
I'm done trying to fit into a society that I despise.

I know my death will ruin my parents, and my sisters will be sad. But I wasn't built to "play from behind" and made too many mistakes.

The end result of toiling through it all just doesn't seem worth it.

My parents are flying out of town next weekend and I'll attempt partial suspension again. Hopefully this time I'll have the guts to go through with out and end my pathetic existence.


Feb 13, 2020
I can relate to you a lot. I'm 28 as well and living with my grandmother and she's more productive than me. It's so depressing. I feel like a failure. I too have no interest in anything. I'm in massive debt and so depressed and crazy that I have no confidence that I can hold a job. I look outside and feel nothing but hopelessness. I wish you luck.


Dec 1, 2019
I’m in the late 20s as well . In the same struggle. I got my own place. I live by myself. My dad recently committed suicide. Mom still alive but she’s psychologically insane. I feel, I’m really lonely, tired and isolated.i feel like I would almost pay for someone decent to live with me. I’m the loneliest female in town I tell everyone. I just wanna hang myself in my closet and get it over with. I so hopeless. The future well I’m not interested in living through what I know to come. I just want out.
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