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May 9, 2018
Do you know guys that feeling when you liecin your bed trying to sleep but you begin to have stressful thoughts or just anxiety and it doesn't let you sleep?

That's what I feel every night. And every morning too, I ever both sleep and wake up in despair.

Pills doesn't help even a bit. Alcohol... Neither. There is no cure, I will rest 5 hours of tortuous nightmares for the rest of my life.

And I'm still young. Can you imagine how must feel getting old and be able to sleep even worse than now?

I'm tired. Literally. I just want a rest.


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May 26, 2018
I feel that. I always had trouble sleeping as far as I can remember, even when I went to school there were lots of literally sleepless nights. It used to be OK concerning staying asleep whenever I managed to fall asleep, but now even that doesn't work anymore. It does get worse as I get older. Like waking up with backache and racing heart at 4AM after night and night with less than 4 hours of sleep. Also I can't fall sleep before 2am without chemical aids (Alc+Weed, Seroquel etc), no matter how sleep-deprived I am.

Edit. Sorry for all the whining about myself. What I wanted to say is, I feel what youre going through.


May 31, 2018
Yes, I totally hear you. I lost the ability to sleep around the time my mom died. I never recovered from that. Plus, the combination of continuing horrible life events, painful social isolation, and physical pain from injuries means I don't sleep more than 4-hrs in the early morning--from 1AM to 5AM maybe. Oh, add the horribly noisy modern environment EVERYwhere (loud machines, sirens, train whistles, souped up cars and trucks, motorcycles, forever barking dogs...) and I constantly feel like I'm about to have a heart attack.

And as you've said, there's not a damn thing we can really do about it all besides suffer more and more as we get older.


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May 9, 2018
Someone wakes up like this?

Anxiety wakes me up each hour, making impossible to have a fluid rest.
You wake up dizzy or with headache.
Each time you close your eyes and try to sleep again you feel progresively a feel of anxiety and won't let you rest more.
You wake up very stressed or feeling a lot of despair.
You are tired and you can't do anything.



Jun 26, 2018
A long acting benzodiazepine will put your lights out for a good 8-10 hours every night if you can get them but they are incredibly addicting and you better make sure you have a steady supply the rest of your life or you'll never sleep again and your anxiety will be 10 times worse without them. If lack of sleep is inhibiting you from functioning the way you want, go to the doctor and try and get some sleeping pills man. Just make sure you know what your getting yourself into if that's what you decide. Not only will benzos put you to sleep they will obliterate your anxiety while on them but will make it worse in the long run. You can also find analogs of these same drugs that are sold for research purposes online if you can not obtain them from a doctor, they have relatively the same effect as the pharmaceuticals they prescribe. If kratom is legal where you live that also might be something to look into, I used it to help me sleep for a while. Also, smoking marijuana might help that was my go to for years but I have found eating it is the best for sleep sometimes it can make anxiety worse though idk just throwing some things out there I know the hell your in I'm sorry bro I hope you find something to help.
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