nembutalonline anyone know anything about them

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I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.
Dec 3, 2019
So after researching suicide methods, I think barbiturates are the best way to go. The problem is they can be hard to get. Well enter Nembutalonline. They claim to sell Nembutal to people for euthanasia.
Are they legit?
What do you think of Nembutal as a way to kick the bucket?
and what dose CBT mean?


Jun 1, 2019
If they were kosher, they would not be asking for payment in Bitcoin. Avoid these sites, they will take your money and you will be left wondering.
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Dec 20, 2019
So after researching suicide methods, I think barbiturates are the best way to go. The problem is they can be hard to get. Well enter Nembutalonline. They claim to sell Nembutal to people for euthanasia.
Are they legit?
What do you think of Nembutal as a way to kick the bucket?
and what dose CBT mean?
there are no legit websites selling N, they are all scams. Think about how stupid you would have to be to openly advertise that sort of thing


Aug 6, 2019
Look up sodium nitrite. It's a fairly popular method here in the forums. Not as good as nembutal, but it is cheaper and easier to acquire, and quite peaceful.
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