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My time has come

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Swiss gay, will definitely ctb on October 10th
Jun 27, 2020
I drank the SN. It was really salty. I’m going to bed. My heart is beating faster and faster. I guess it’s working
Goodbye guys
I know exactly what you meant, that you just can't wait any longer. The closer the time comes, the more unbearable it becomes. It's good, you've taken the shortcut.

Please excuse me for missing you, I almost can't anymore. As promised, you won't have to be alone for long, I'll be there soon.

Yesterday I reserved the VIP ticket for you at @Busdriver, he'll take good care of you on the way and get you safely to your destination.

I wish you all the best, a pleasant journey and a relaxing stay in the sea of peace

Goodbye my friend


Sep 28, 2020
I can't wait any longer. I wanted to do it at 24:00 but it's just impossible to wait any longer for me. I really hope that my CTB will go smoothly and I won't wake up anymore.
Thank you everyone for being here for me, giving me advice and support me. I know I wasn't here for long and haven't talked much, but you gave me the understanding I needed. I'm really grateful.
In one hour I'm gonna drink SN. Just wanted to read your replies one more time.
Thank you again and good luck in whatever you are doing.

asani out.
I’m sorry to hear. I truly wish all the best. I hope you manage to find the peace and love your truly deserved on the other side
Not open for further replies.
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