Story My reasons for CBT



Oct 22, 2020
1. Being bullied at school
2. Devauled from friendship group to friendship group
3. Failed at being attractive to women
4. Chance to got to 2012 Olympics but too high on drugs
5. Listen to friends who wanted me to fail.
6. Saw my looks deteriorat bit by bit over a 10 year period.
7. Controlled by camnabis alcohol gambling and sex addiction.
8. Failled to listen to dozens of therapists
9. Froma 150k in the bank to 1000.( no house no nice car)
10. The beauty of watching every one round that made me feel shit have exactly what i wanted and loved thst i couldnt get there.
11. My suicidal behavior has pushed almost everyone away.
12. Failing 4 business and loosing 2 investment portfolios in 6 years
13. I'll never be what i should have
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