My Depression Has Led To My Mother Having Depression

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Jun 14, 2020
i am in the same situation. i remembered finding her meds and questioned her. the guilt of knowing this is my fault hit hard.
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kristallene Bergluft über verfallener Gruft
Aug 21, 2019
somewhere in the Austrian Alps
My mother has become so distraught by my having depression that she now is on anti-depressants. This adds a great deal of pressure to me. I feel obliged to hide my pain so she isn"t saddened.

I wish I had hidden my pain better.

My depression is becoming contagious.
That's one thing I am very afraid of. That's the reason I always act as a super happy, nice, protective dude, so that no one of my loved ones gets depressed.

I have always known that many mental illnesses and thoughts are like mind-viruses.
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