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Brick In The Wall

Brick In The Wall

2M Or Not 2B.
Oct 30, 2019
It definitely can be for some. It helps me out a bit sometimes. I prefer to meditate outdoors usually by a river or something when I do.

There's many different forms and types of meditation as well. If one doesn't necessarily work for you then you can try another.


Moebius Potato
Jul 31, 2018
I find traditional forms of quiet meditation aren't appropriate for me. I see meditation, religion, CBT, yoga, exercise as synonymous in terms of their mental function.
For me, I prefer a moving or practical exercise.
Driving used to help me and was my ultimate form of moving meditation. Ultimate focus and zoning out allowed me to subconsciously process quite well. I'd always arrive after a long journey feeling oddly refreshed.
Now I don't drive, so I find gardening and scavenging for the required plants and materials helps focus my attention and allows me to relax.
I tried all that mindfulness and it really wasn't for me. I get the theory, but so much of it sounded like we'll meaning bullshit, and I need to be moving to relax, as weird as that sounds.


Mar 5, 2020
Does anyone find meditation helpful to avoid or control suicidal thoughts?
do you mean stopping your thoughts when you say "meditation"? You see, for me suicidal thoughts is not the problem - quite the opposite - its a way out. Other thoughts and memories and regret is what im trying to find my way out of...
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