Liquid morphine

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Jun 10, 2020
anyone have any info on this? Side affects, dosage etc. In comparison to SN would this be more 'peaceful'?

thank you in advance!


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Feb 5, 2020
Morphine will be more peaceful than SN for sure, the problem is the reliability.
The books didn't really focused on the liquid form, they discussed only on the pills and they don't really recommend on that method

Maybe @Aap will know about the liquid form
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Apr 26, 2020
Morphine is not terribly active (1/6th) in a non user by mouth compared to IV, though it can certainly work. Using the dosages of morphine used for morphine only surgical anesthesia as well as converting the dosage of IM hydromorphone that can be used for lethal injections in Ohio, you’d be looking at around 2 grams oral morphine to start for a non user. I’ve chosen these numbers because there is a documented history with them being fatal. People,have died from much less, but in ctb, I wouldn’t look for the absolute minimum number that might do the job. FWIW, the OxyContin originally came in 160mg pills that were discontinued because people kept dying after taking them. The equivalent dosage of morphine by mouth in a non user would be around 450mgs.

the cocktails in Oregon contain significantly more, as they are designed for rapid death and are often used by people with extreme tolerances. Oral opioids aren’t very well favored here for some good (can be reversed, can take a while) and not so good (you might become addicted to them) reasons.
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