Inspirational Descriptions of Death (AKA the Unfuckable Void)

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^best order at Micky-D's ever
Apr 27, 2018
I don't know about you, but I need a little cheerleading now and then on my march toward premature death.

Anybody have passages or recordings of ideas about death that speak to you?

Whenever I'm beating myself up about being a loser, bemoaning my hopeless future, or hulk smashing something out of rage, I have to remind myself that my misery will soon be at an end. When I think about it this way, it feels less like fleeing life and more like chasing a well-earned vacation.

For some reason, I keep returning to this beautiful poetry:

"Then one day, on our deathbed, (hopefully) surrounded by the people we gave the majority of our fucks to throughout our life, and those few who still give a fuck about us, with a silent gasp we will gently let our last fuck go. Through the tears and the gently fading beeps of the heart monitor and the dimming fluorescence encapsulating us in its divine hospital halo, we drift into some unknowable and unfuckable void."

Author: Mark Manson, author of a self-help book about not giving a fuck.

I guess the heavyhanded profanity speaks to me somehow. Reading the buildup in the longer post is also something I'd recommend.
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