In France, a Pro-Choice thinker and professor arrested by the police !



Feb 8, 2019
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France : not a safe country...

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Police custody for François Galichet, activist of Ultime Liberté for assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia
In Saint-Laurent-du-Pont in Isère, François Galichet, member of Ultime Liberté, was taken into police custody. His association campaigns for the legalization of assisted suicide. Ten people are in the same situation in France, as part of a vast investigation into the "trafficking" of Pentobarbital. In July 2019, the Pôle Santé Publique du Parquet de Paris entrusted a preliminary investigation to the National Gendarmerie, concerning in particular the import, possession, and illicit use of a substance classified as psychotropic.

The targeted product, Pentobarbital called "Nembutal", banned in France since 1996 for human medicine, is sometimes used by people wishing to end their life.

This is why the courts are closely interested in the members of the Ultime Liberté association, who are campaigning for the legalization of assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia in France. The association claims more than 3,000 members, more than 200 in Isère.

On October 15, 2019, as part of this vast national investigation, 300 judicial police officers had carried out 103 searches and seized 130 vials likely to correspond to the product sought. At the time, we had met a Grenoble member of Ultime Liberté, who had been the subject of a search. Isabelle then explained to us the meaning of her commitment.

François Galichet, member of Ultime Liberté, in police custody : according to our information, the police custody initiated on January 12, 2021 would be carried out at the request of the investigating judge who is continuing the investigation launched last fall. Among the 10 people held in custody today, the Isérois François Galichet, 77, former professor of philosophy at the University, former national vice-president of Ultime Liberté.

He has written extensively on the subject. This is probably why seven OCLAESP investigators have been searching its numerous documents since this morning at the family home in Saint-Laurent-du-Pont. His wife comments on the operation live on the phone: "all his papers are screened as if they were a highwayman. My husband hesitates between humor and exasperation".

She adds, with a smile, that the operation takes place in a courteous manner. Her husband, who has been in custody since 7 a.m. this morning, could spend the night in a cell. "One more experience for him!" she says. Definitely, the militants of Ultimate Freedom take life, like death, with a lot of hindsight.
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Oct 26, 2019
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This is awful. :(

Prisons are obsolete.


Jun 5, 2020
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I hope my post doesn't shock anyone, but I need to express my rant and anxieties. France has remained in the past, retrograde. We must see the intolerance of the French mentality with different people, disabled, homosexuals, foreigners, marginalized, homeless ... Censorship is in order to prevent any evolution of the laws in the sense of respect for individual freedoms and in particular the ultimate freedom, that of being able to leave life when we want to of our own free will. The authorities prefer to arrest people who help others to leave, campaign for the right to die, forcibly intern all people in a psychiatric hospital (chemical straitjacket, restraints, confinement in empty rooms, no distress listening ...), put under guardianship or guardianship the fragile people, especially after a psychiatric internment, all that for having tried to commit suicide! Is it the pressure of the big pharma lobby? Pressure from people high in the order of doctors, retrograde? Chains of retirement homes and homes for the disabled derailed by multinationals? Talking about suicide or making an attempt at suiside is considered by the general mentality in France as a cowardly act, that one deserves to go to hell for this crime, rejected by everyone, no compassion. I am really afraid to live in this country which has never been able to listen to its citizens, to help people with disabilities or having lived a terrible childhood, I am not surprised by that since the social services abandon children especially at 18 years old where they are put out on the streets without help. The disabled end up in Belgium in French factories as they say. Do not forget the children born under X. It is scary. Only hope the regular polls of French citizens plead totally in favor of the legalization of assisted suicide or euthanasia, up to 80% at least. The UN sanctioned France for everything I said, but the media hide it from us with censorship. Other countries are like France to see worse, it's scary for all the people wanting to leave life or to be helped during their life, to live and love life according to their choice, I wish them really good luck.

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