[Venting] I’m a 29 year-old male who never had a gf and lost all his savings

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Drs suck mega ass!
Sep 3, 2018
Sorry to hear. Not having a gf doesn’t make you a loser. from my experience being alone is better than being with the wrong person. Heck, I’m here because my ex was a sociopath


Mar 11, 2020
Love can be expressed in many forms, and our society has an insidious obsession with sex, as if no other form of expression of love means anything. Just because you don't have a partner, does not mean you are alone, and that's what matters the most: that you share love for others, in whichever way you may find yourself more fit. Perhaps one day you'll have a girlfriend, or perhaps not, and this doesn't define you in any way. remember our Lord, who shared his love for all and each one of us, was nonetheless a virgin. And he still had a heart to love us all.
Money is such an ephemeral thing. If that's what your heart desires, you'll find ways to make money on your future. But most importantly, remember: lacking money doesn't make you broke. Not appreciating the simple things of life does. Appreciating life, in whichever form or capacity you can, even without money, will make you humble. It will teach you that life goes beyond our material desires and our sinful greed.
I do hope my words somehow give you some comfort, and know that here you are heard, and supported, on all your decisions. That's what, above everything else, this community is about.
Best of luck.
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Jun 21, 2019
Loser checking in. Never had a girlfriend either, I'm 22. How did you lose your savings? Did you lose it in the stock market?
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Don't shoot the messenger, give me the gun
Sep 25, 2018
I’m such a loser. Sorry I had to vent. I’m feeling so lonely and hopeless.
Well you have a follower just from the title alone


Feb 19, 2020
We are all told from being young that we will meet someone as if it is a god given right. However, I later came to realise it was purely speculation and assumption of others. Or mainly them giving you an easy answer. At the end of the day all that happens is coincidental you're not a loser I haven't ever had one before, it just means you haven't bumped into that right person. That's what I try to remind myself when I often let it get to me. It cannot be controlled, it's like the friends and acquaintances you know you met them by chance and the matter of where at a specific time you was. I don't believe in things are meant to be and fate just purely that. I stopped caring when I accepted this and I just have become decencitised now to be bothered.
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Jumper Geo

Jumper Geo

Life's a bitch and then you die.
Feb 23, 2020
London, UK
I’m such a loser. Sorry I had to vent. I’m feeling so lonely and hopeless.
Don't be so hard on yourself as for a girlfriend it doesn't matter especially when PornHub are giving everyone free porn, including premium movies, :tongue::tongue::tongue: still time to make money but look at all them multimillionaire and beautiful models who have ctb, it didn't make them any happier, just took away a few money worries and they soon get bored with their lifestyle as they have done everything money can buy.
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