I'll ctb if I fail at university this year

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If you can't fix what's broken you'll go insane.
Nov 7, 2019
I've got six months. If I fail, I'll kill myself at the begining of next year. I won't punish myself by living anymore.


Find me in the sweetest oblivion
Jun 27, 2020
Software Engineering
Me too! I've failed the past two classes I took, and withdrew from the one before them. My first two years at college were great until I got stuck in a really low mental state where I attempted suicide. I dropped out of the college and swapped to online classes, where I have made next to no progress within the past two years that I was there. I've tried but I can not force myself to be consistent. Depression really screws up education. It really, really does.


May 13, 2020
I’m wishing you success, I feel the same it’s my final year, if I fail it then I’m going to have to call it a day. Very little future even if I pass but it’s what’s keeping me going at this age.

Hope you smash it @TimeToBiteTheDust


Just waiting....
Jan 21, 2020
New York
As a @palebluedot previously mentioned, school isn't for everyone...So, honing in on or learning a skill could b another option for u..

In the meantime, be sure to get adequate rest, show up for class, hand in ur assignments on time, study for exams, and don't b afraid to get help when needed..
Ur life depends on this...

Do the BEST u can possibly do. And if u fail, u have done ur best, and are still NOT A FAILURE..

We r rooting for u! KICK ASS!!!..Scholastically, that is..☆☆☆


Mar 21, 2019
Which year are you in? Even if you don't get a full degree, you still get a qualification for each year you pass, e.g. diploma.

Also this thread is prime example of how people here don't just egg each other on to think all is lost...
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