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I was the smelly one in yoga tonight



I remember when all this will be again
May 3, 2020
My yoga classes restarted 3 weeks ago and this is the first one I've made it through without crying. But that was only because when I got there, wearing the shorts and vest top I'd been wearing all day (couldn't be bothered to change but it's been really hot today) I realised my armpits were stinky. This is how low I've sunk. The whole lesson seemed to involve lifting arms, circling arms, holding arms behind you, above you.... So I just focused on that the whole time :haha:


Aug 22, 2020
A really popular girl queefed during rowing practice once. Like, the loudest noise that I could have ever imagined that a vagina could produce. It was pretty funny. I guess be glad you didn’t do that although I think farting and other things are just part and parcel of stuff like yoga and working out in groups. Happens to the best of us


Brevity is my middle name, but my name was TL
Jan 11, 2020
@Cherrypea I saw the thread title in the feed and got a much-needed laugh. Thank you!!!!! The OP was great, too.

@mapletree, bodies are so funny, and so are cultural responses to them. In the US, heaven forbid someone belches, they must apologize. But in Mexico and Guatemala, others say "salud," just as they would for a sneeze. I don't know what they say to farts or queefs, however in a town square in a major city in Mexico, an indigenous woman pulled down her panties from under her skirt, squatted and peed in a patch of grass right there in the middle of the square. When I was in a public transportation boat in Guatemala, a woman had her breast out to feed her child. The kid took a break, so rather than tuck in her breast and her top only to have to undo everything again in five minutes, she just let it hang out, and nobody cared. And to @Cherrypea as well, there was a young woman I knew from South India who was in a grad program in the States. She didn't wear deodorant, and I was in an enclosed car with her, and the whole car reeked of sweaty raw onion. Nobody knew what to say to her, no one wanted her to feel bad. Finally, after we arrived and had the opportunity for a little side chat, the one who was closest to her volunteered to talk to her later about how deodorant is kind of a thing in the US. Oh yeah, another one, related to exercise -- the first time I saw a scrotum. I was nine. My parents got an exercise bike, and the neighbor's son who was +/- 20 years old came over and tried it out. He had on short running shorts, and something kept peeking out. Actually, in retrospect, I think it may have been the, um, tip, it was really smooth. I didn't know what the hell I was seeing. Knowing myself, I can't believe I didn't blurt it out, but I felt so weird! I didn't even ask my mom after, it was too awkward. My face had to have shown something was up, though, no idea how he or my mom didn't notice.

TL;DR - Fun thread! :pfff:
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