[Story] I made a choice

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Uncertainty in life uncertainty for the next life
Dec 30, 2018
Madison, Wisconsin
I made a choice,
Of mistakes,
Of consequences,
Within the past,
Within the present,
Within the future,
Of uncertainty,

Now I am here,
Back to crack,
Not alcohol,
I shall leave the thrall,
Of alcohol within the lightning,
And the thunder,
And now I wonder,
Within asunder,
How to proceed,
Within the deeds,
Of my making,

For my Angels,
of my virtues,
There are no tissues,
by my Demons of my sins,
For it is done,
No turning back,
Pick up your slack,
Be responsible,
Or irresponsible,
Or avoidant,
I am uncertain,

About the future,
About The Who,
About the What,
About the When,
About the Where,
About the Why,
About the How,

This will happen,
I brought this,
On myself,
Now this is done.
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