[Discussion] human species and life in general is trash

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Waifu is my Laifu
Dec 9, 2019
so how many humans do suffer from devastating health conditions? or even get born, just to die within of a few months due to cancer or other funny things?
i don't even believe another billion years of evolution would make the human species evolve to something better, all live evolves, including bacteria and virus.
its not just us, and it seems like our biggest enemies will stay with us forever.

so whats the point? before we even find some cures for a few illness, we are already wiped from this planet due to our constant need of competition and useless wars and conflicts.
and its not even our fault at the end, we are designed this way, in conflict, we follow the way of least resistance which is most times to start a fight and hurt others. we love to be on top of it all, to be rich and influential. but this in its own is a death sentence for the human species, yeah maybe it leads us to perfection and gives our life meaning, but what kind of trash is this. we are wired to compare ourselves to others, i don't believe we can turn this trait off, its one of the biggest reasons for us to get depressed. its insanity.. and we can't even do anything about it as far i know. we are born with it or at least develop it at some time.

we are born with this useless ego, the ego is one of the biggest "roots of evil" imo. it grants us survival, but what if no living creature would had an ego? there would be no need to protect ourselves from others because no one would be hostile in the first place. if we all come from mother nature, why would our mother nature make us this way, why do we fight each other if we share the same roots? we ain't in control of anything. its insane. we just follow pleasure, go the path with the lowest resistance..

even on of the most basic needs/pleasures/desires like sex/reproduction could lead you to a life long life full of suffering and pain, i mean its hilarious how many infectious diseases exist.
and we haven't even found a real solution for it yet, antibiotics no longer work, its just a matter of decades till the antibiotic era is over, leaving us with super bugs, resistant to all antibiotics known to mankind.

i wish some would fall in love with the fact that they are still a 'virgin', its better than having fun for a while and being left with something like aids. the human species is just so flawed and imperfect, i can't stand it..

even if i was billionaire, i wouldn't even think about having children in this trashy world. maybe im too negative, maybe its just the sad truth, i don't know but it seems like a sustainable happy life is absolutely delusional and impossible to have.. we play the lottery everyday, no one knows what will happen the next day, 1/2 will develop cancer during their life time, its a horrific thing and i slowly believe being depressed in this world i quite normal when we see what life truly is.

Please let me know whats your opinion on that topic, feedback appreciated, maybe its to pessimistic, i just felt like writing it down..
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Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018
No, you are logical and what you said is the truth. Life is shitty and has countless problems that are inherent and humans are unable to solve. Even if humans solve those problems, there would be nothing other than emptiness because of the meaninglessness of life. Everything humans do is a distraction. If anyone tries to think logically, the best path is to stop reproducing and bringing anything to this mad stupid meaningless world thats full of pain and suffering. Life sucks
Green Destiny

Green Destiny

We will fade.
Nov 17, 2019
I agree with this sentiment. The world as it is, is a terrible place to exist in with all of it's horrors and evils. And things have only gotten even worse due to the world pandemic. Things were dark and bleak enough before the virus started wiping out people every other minute while people climbed over others to horde groceries and other items. I won't deny the goodness being done by essential workers and Doctors, Nurses etc but this crisis has shown the world for what it truly is, every man for himself not to mention overall incompetence and selfishness. And it will always be that way no matter what. It's exactly why i'm an antinatalist.


Nov 24, 2019
I think fate alone is enough of a reason for me to ctb among the other reasons I have. I just hate surprises very much. Life is about that a lot, life is pretty much a jack in the box (toy). Yes human nature can be bad, but also good like what people do on SS, I seen people be compassionate to each other when they are going through the same things and even when they are not.
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Jul 30, 2018
If there wree fewer humans on this planet it would be much much better. i think suicide should be legal and encouraged. if someone in school taught me about how life really is and how i really suck at it i prolly wuld have saved myself a lot of grielf and killed myself a long time ago.
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Dec 28, 2019
The universe is full of things out to destroy us but. You have asteroids, supernovas, hurricanes, radiation, cancer, viruses and so forth. But the wisdom in me, once I manage to push the emotional part aside to let the logic ring in, tells me that often our biggest threat is our own minds.
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Moebius Potato
Jul 31, 2018
Why must there be a point? Because we want there to be? That doesn't make it more likely for there to be a point.
The only point to it is whatever we decide that there is.
Life has one intrinsic function: to create more life.
Why? Because everything in the universe tends towards entropy. It's one big explosion that we are only at the beginning of and as many on here will attest to, survival instinct is one of the strongest emotions there is.
We fight to survive despite the pointless suffering precisely because entropy is the strongest principle in the universe. That's what happens when you live inside a big explosion.