[Help] How about OPIATE OD ???

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Feb 4, 2020
So what do you guys think of opiate OD? I was sure before but now I'm not, that this is a safe way to ctb. I was going through resources on SS and I found out that apparently the certainty is unknown..? How come? What do you think is better opiate OD, N, or SN? what would you choose and why??? I really really wanted to OD on opiates cause it just seems the most peaceful of all peaceful ways.,I was thinking to take bunch of oxycontin if I manage to get them and them try to inject myself with morphine or heroin. Swallow at the same time as injecting. Does anyone have ANY experience with that? I don't want to wake up that's the last thing I want.


Feb 7, 2020
Hey feel free to msg if me if you want to talk
There is a better way please think about it carefully


Feb 14, 2020
Hello i would also like to message you if that is okay?
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