Having a hard time deciding when

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Not gone yet but soon
Jan 14, 2020
Anyone else have this issue? My last post I said it was gonna be within a week or two but change. Some days I went to go that night not like impulsively. Others I want to wait a week. I still feel that this is the way for me. I also know I won’t be able to wait much longer. I sit and stare are my sn and my gun at night. This oddly is the only time I have no anxiety the whole day
Hollow Point

Hollow Point

Always Tired
Mar 24, 2020
Yup, to the point I've given up deciding when all together. I'm not going to plan anything out, concerning when. When it happens, it happens. I've stared down a date before, and then failure...its exhausting. I rather just go day to day and have suicide as a ace up my sleeve for when it becomes to much. The build up was not a good time for me.


Healing witch who doesn't cure herself
Dec 8, 2018
In my case I want to postponed until I can achieve some of my dreams/goals. But I personally think I can do it in any moment. I fear a lot aging and not being able to handle my life and guarantee my financial stability. So, if in certain time my life becomes unbearable, I'll take the final step.
Perhaps I'll CTB in my mid 40's. If the apocalypse comes earlier than expected, I'll CTB before I die for starvation.