[Discussion] Has anyone here had a wisdom tooth taken out (UK vs US experiences)

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Apr 14, 2020
I'm in Ireland and going to get my wisdom tooth extraction next month. The only problem is, unlike America, doctors here HATE giving patients benzos/opioids. Honestly, despite the shittiness of America when it comes to the government, president, healthcare etc... I admire how easily patients can get controlled medicine. After a wisdom tooth extraction, the most someone will get is Tramadol. Most of the time it's paracetamol + ibuprofen.
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Jul 31, 2018
DisUnited Kingdom
Yes. Uk. The procedure was done with a local anesthetic. It's unpleasant, as you would expect it to be, but didn't actually hurt. I'm pretty sensitive to pain,but I didn't need any pain relief afterwards. I've had other teeth out and whilst it's obviously sore, it wasn't actually painful.
You can keep the area clean afterwards with warm salt water washes. It heals up pretty quickly too, though it will feel odd for a while. Also, one set is easier to extract than the other, can never remember if it's upper or lower.
I was very anxious when I had my last extraction and it was way easier than I expected.


Dec 28, 2019
Most people heal up perfectly fine, with little pain, when they follow aftercare instructions. Some people completely ignore the list of Dos and Don'ts and in turn they run into problems. Some have existing poor oral health which can cause issues even if instructions are followed. I recommend eating on the opposite side of the mouth slowly, eat soft and non-acidic foods and if you have any tincture of iodine or povidone iodine, to put a couple of drops of that in the warm saline solution that you should be using several times a day, very gently. It is good for bacterial control, but as soon as you are healing well, discontinue the drops. It wouldn't hurt to munch on some greens to get a bit of vitamin k to help with clotting.

To highlight the dos and don'ts, the biggest is controlling the pressure in your mouth. Smoking, using straws, spitting or anything that causes a suction effect, low pressure zone, runs risk of popping out the clot and causing a dry socket. He may use a collagen plug which may or may not fall out eventually. Just don't pick at it.

They typically tell you to use over the counter medication to manage pain and prescribe pain meds only if you are having issues afterwards.

With all that said, don't listen to me, listen to your doctor and do what he says, if you don't want to deal with complications.


Freedom or Death
Jun 28, 2020
Ah, all 4s actually. The ones on top and bottom. A dentist who was also a surgeon had to take care of the lower ones, while a regular dentist for the upper ones. An anesthetic was used during all 4 procedures/ removals. Upper ones came off very easily, bottom ones took a while, mainly because they had to stitch the places they were removed. Overall, it's nothing to be afraid of. I am not sure what the situation in Ireland is like in that specific medical field, but they have to prescribe some sort of painkiller after they have been taken out as well as have an anesthetic during the procedures.


Apr 1, 2020
I had 4 taken out when I was 9 years old. The shots hurt more than the extraction of teeth.
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May 7, 2020
Yeah, I have two removed and didn't get benzos or anything either time also didn't feel like I needed them. The first I was 20, I think I remeber them cracking it and such but besides just getting the numb shots is all I felt.

The second was earlier this year, it was the one above the tooth they took out before, it erupted meaning it basically kept growing out and went past the line where all my other teeth stopped. They just gave me numbing shots and yanked the whole tooth out, I mostly just felt a lot of pressure. I took over the counter ibuprofen and slept the rest of the day, but that was it. The also let me keep the tooth to show my niece and nephews who are in that stage where they're baby teeth are falling out and the size of their teeth are all mismatched.


gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha
Apr 12, 2019
I had all four out in the US and never got anything remotely recreational for the pain afterward. It wasn't that bad. Until further notice I trust your experience will be okay, @nigelhernandez.
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