[Help] Hanging Myself with a Thick Neck

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Nov 29, 2019
I have looked at many diagrams and seen all the positions there are. I have placed the noose on all positions of my neck. Under jaw, above Adam’s apple, under Adam’s apple. I have read and reviewed NoLifeNoPain’s hanging mega thread about 5 times now. I have reviewed every thread in the search bar mentioning how to constrict the carotid arteries. I still cannot constrict my carotid arteries. Due to my situation, partial suspension is the ONLY option available to me. All I can think of is due to the fact that I am a big person, I have a thick neck. What could I do to get around this? I know how to feel my pulse on my neck and that’s the carotid, I put rope there and still nothing. I’m quite desperate to figure out how to constrict these carotid arteries and die.


Mar 8, 2020
full suspension? With ur body it seems that u can get the perfect result out of it, i too can't pass out i understand that partial is a very complicated thing to do right, i've been trying a lot and last week i got really CLOSE, so if u reviewed everything possible their is nothing i can add to ur knowledge but to keep trying or think about another method.
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