[Discussion] Gun method?

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Dec 25, 2019
So I’ve been thinking about reaching out in my community and seeing if I could get some one to shoot me or allow me to use their firearm. I feel like this sounds really silly but I figured it’s worth discussing, I’m sure if I found some sort of gang member they’d be down.

so my question is this:
1. Is this viable or extremely stupid
2. How should I reach out? I don’t necessarily know anyone like that or how I’d discover them in the first place
3. Do deep web things like this still exist? And roughly how expensive do you think this would be?

thanks for all the help and sorry if this post violates any rules, I’ll take it down if needed, just honestly curious


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Feb 10, 2020
I'm fairly certain nobody in your community would feel comfortable taking your life, that's murder regardless if you said it was okay or not. I don't have access to the dark web, so I can't say if that stuff exist. From what I've been told is that if you can imagine it, you can probably buy it on the dark web.


Nov 20, 2019
Assisted suicide is not legal in my country.


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Aug 30, 2018
I agree with @SuicideBoys93 here. It would not only be immoral (for most people on here) to do so, but even more due to the legal implications (it's considered murder and/or manslaughter - both of which carry very extreme penalties - even up to a life sentence) for aiding someone to CTB.


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Jan 11, 2020
I'll answer question one. It's utterly inadvisable. You could end up kidnapped, trafficked, tortured, for years.

Question three: if folks cannot reliably get N or F on the dark web, then just no, don't even go there.

As I believe @SinisterKid would bring up, anyone who PMs you about this is likely scamming you.
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