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Gotta Be Careful What You Say



Sep 1, 2019
Dammit, I just fucked up BAD. I was angry and you know, suicidal and stuff, but I made a comment about thinking that suicidal tendencies are "trendy" with young people. FUCK. I completely invalidated this person's feelings. And that is the LAST thing I want to do. Especially with anyone young. I'm not even worried about being blocked or anything; that doesn't matter.
I'm a teacher, and so I have strong feelings about young people being suicidal. That does not justify my saying that, though. DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT.
I gotta be careful what I say.
Anyone that feels suicidal, I respect. I am so sorry I made him feel invalidated, and I did apologize. But, I can't take it back. The words are already out there. And the last thing I ever want to do is make a young person ~ ANY person, but especially someone young ~ feel as if their feelings don't matter. And that is what I just accomplished. Great job, Bea.


Jul 15, 2020
Did you tell that to someone here or to a student irl? It’s best you come to them or message them by DMs that you didn’t mean to invalidate their feelings and you meant well. Stuff happens, it’s okay but you gotta explain it to them


Jun 26, 2020
1st off, we are ALL human and with that we ALL make mistakes, verbal slip ups etc. Now with that said beating yourself up for a learning experience is NOT fair to you. I have always said that we all make "learning experiences", and that is what makes us better as humans. Now i will have to say that if one makes a "learning experience" over and over, the same one or type of one, then one has to really double down and work hard at correcting it. Yes the words are out there, BUT..BUTone can look at it as new knowledge as far as not doing the same thing again. You are a sweet and sensitive person who made a learning experience and if one has learned from it then beating ones self up over it is wrong. From your words and tone of your post you are a very special, loving person and I cherish people like you who have those abilities. This learning experience has made you even a better person!!! Please take great care of yourself, and know that I and the global family members love and care for you. :happy:
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