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Freakin' smell ya later. Taking SN.



Only passion is not having one
Aug 30, 2020
If I posted this, I've drank the SN (no point in posting this otherwise).
I don't have any antiemtics because I couldn't be bothered for my late ass postage to arrive, and a decent amount of people who take them still vomit anyway.
I've taken 1mg of xanax a couple hours ago, and another mg one hour ago alongside 1000mg of paracetamol. And last, but not least, 4 gaviscon chewable tablets because they contain sodium bicarbonate and that's supposed to work as an alternative to antacids.

I'd like to thank @Maxtothemax for being an absolutely wonderful person to talk to over the past week. You've made what are hopefully my last days far less boring than I had imagined they would be. Thank you sincerely for that.

I'll be taking 25g dissolved in 50ml of distilled water for one glass, and about 20g dissolved in the other for backup.
175cm ~56kg if that matters

Wish me luck, buckos. If I don't come back in 4 days, feel free to ban me.

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