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Apr 22, 2019
Hi, guys,
may I suggest that someday in the future the forum will get rid of ANY external components? Comparing to other websites this forum uses very little external resources, still it uses Google Fonts and Google Hosted Libraries.
Now I have only 2 options to prevent Google know I'm visiting the forum:
- filter out requests to Google services using a browser add-on;
- using VPN and a browser in a VM to completely change the fingerprint of my system.
Now I'm using the first method. While it prevents Google from spying on me, it breaks some the forum functionality. For example, I cannot see bold fonts here (but, oddly, can see italic). The second option is a problem for me, because good fast VPN and RAM for VM both cost money.
So if it becomes possible to cut out the dependencies, please consider doing it. And please do not add any new ones.
Thank you for your attention.


Mar 16, 2018
In general, it's both impossible to cut all dependencies, and idealistic to expect to not be tracked.
I've swapped the forum from a default Google CDN to jQuery's CDN, which is a few milliseconds slower but somewhat more privacy-conscious.
If you wish for even more privacy inform yourself on ways to block remote fonts with your adblocker, including font awesome and similar dependencies. Many other different components are non-private and Google uses them to get information on you, like DNS requests, re-captchas, application logins. Thus, if you genuinely are considering using a VPN within a VM through Tor to connect to the forum to be "100% safe", you're better off directly not using it, because tracking on the web is almost impossible to avoid.
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